What are the working state of UPS power supply? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
1, the normal operation of the normal operation of the UPS as described in the above principle, when the mains is normal, the machine will be mains alternating current into direct current, and then to the battery, in case of power failure when using; Is important to emphasize uninterruptible power supply systems would work, is not of a power failure when the voltage is too low or too high, the instant surge, etc. , affect the normal operation of equipment, power quality, UPS system is in working status, providing stable and clean power for load devices. 2, the battery working status once the mains when an exception occurs, will be stored in the storage battery dc into alternating current (ac), the inverter input shifted to battery supply, inverter power continuously, supply load continue to use, to achieve continuous power supply function. UPS power supply system of power source is battery and battery capacity is limited, so don't like the city of the UPS power constant supply of electricity, so no matter how much capacity of the uninterrupted power supply system, in the condition of battery power, the power supply time must be limited, to extend the time of discharge, to buy the long time delay UPS power supply. 3, the bypass operation state when a power overload on-line UPS, and bypass command ( Manual or automatic) , inverter overheating or machine failure, the inverter output to bypass output, or directly by the mains power supply. Due to bypass the UPS output frequency phase with the mains frequency phase, so the phase-locked synchronization technology to ensure the output and grid synchronization. Bypass switch bidirectional thyristor parallel operation mode, can solve the problem of the bypass switch time, truly the zero switching time. 4, bypass maintain state when repairs to UPS power supply, through the manual bypass to ensure normal power load equipment, when after the completion of the operation, maintenance to restart the UPS power supply, UPS power supply at this time to normal operation.
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