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by:KEBO      2020-04-19
UPS for capacitive resistance ( Such as computer) Micro, resistance, inductive load. UPS is not suitable for belt joint pure sensibility, pure capacitive load. Such as motor, air conditioner, photocopiers etc. And also can't answer the half-wave rectifier type load. Step load when part of the load on or off, can make the load step change. Because the UPS can't instantaneous correcting this sudden change of current, output voltage can produce corresponding change. Because only take a few small load device, can appear sometimes step load by 100%. The nonlinear load refers to the inductive load or capacitive load. In computer system, a nonlinear load is primarily a host, printer ( Especially the laser printer) And display terminals, etc. ; Linear load mainly disk and tape devices. Impedance load is compared with the uninterrupted power supply when the load current when no load voltage phase difference load resistance ( Such as load for incandescent lamp, electric furnace, etc. ) 。 Popular point, is only part of the work through the components of resistance of pure called impedance load impedance load.
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