What are the typical features of computer room monitoring -

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
1, to maintain internal to carry out the monitoring purpose depends on machine equipment room all IT systems within the normal and reasonable operation, detect the potential crisis before safety accidents, and according to the various methods to send alert information content to relevant staff to carry out the solution immediately. Therefore, machine room monitoring key should be to IT system operation status monitoring software, and the most reasonable immediately monitoring should be immediately available for IT equipment operation condition to carry out the monitoring. 2, multifaceted machine room monitoring sound machine room monitoring system should be to keep on the operating conditions to the server from the machine equipment cabinets overall micro natural environment to the room as multifaceted nature environment monitoring, to maintain the internal monitoring of machinery and equipment priority. 3, machine room monitoring early warning function of warning and alarm the difference depends on the protective alarm in advance and only have good early warning function can detect potential crisis and hierarchical level gradually expand warning upload categories, reasonably to avoid safety accident, reducing damage to a minimum. A lot of computer room management staff also beginning idea to the necessity of early warning, and machine room monitoring system must have a warning function.
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