What are the three pressure - computer room air conditioning system

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
Computer room air conditioning system of three pressure: balance pressure, high pressure, low pressure; The three pressure is one of the important parameters of room air conditioning maintenance. Three pressure is refrigerant R22 in the computer room air conditioning pipeline loop in different position of the pressure, because of R22 is change between gas and liquid cycle, with the endothermic and exothermic, so the environment temperature has obvious influence on it. In general, high environmental temperature, pressure value. The environment temperature is low, pressure value is smaller. Equilibrium pressure refers to the compressor does not work, high and low pressure balance the pressure; High pressure refers to the exhaust pressure or condensing pressure; Low pressure refers to the inspiratory pressure or evaporating pressure. Three pressure measurements are in the process of outdoor air valve, refrigeration for low pressure during operation, heating for high pressure during operation, to balance the pressure when not working. Because the computer room air conditioning work environment is usually can't satisfy the conditions, as well as the influence of humidity, so the summer cooling condition three pressure value is about: low pressure 0. 5 mpa or 5 kg; High pressure 1. 8 mpa or 18 kg; Equilibrium pressure 1 mpa or 10 kilograms. Computer room air conditioning in winter heating huge difference between the environment and working condition of refrigeration, external environment and low temperature, so the three pressure will have great changes, used in room air conditioning environment floor temperature 5 ℃ taken as reference to the research and analysis. To achieve the ideal effect of evaporation heat, refrigeration cold air as carrier material design, standard evaporation temperature 10 ℃, so the evaporation temperature should be - 5 ℃, corresponding to the pressure of 0. 32 MPa。 Because the environment outdoor is 5 ℃, the best evaporation temperature was minus 5 ℃, and outside machine coil frost in - in general Around 6 ℃, so the cold winter heating effect is poorer, for maximum absorption of heat, in the low temperature by heating auxiliary capillary reduce evaporation pressure, thus reduce the evaporation temperature, therefore, the low voltage refrigeration condition is no longer general equilibrium pressure, but a bit small, so the heating balance pressure about 0. 7MPa. Computer room air conditioning heating indoor for condenser, when the condensation temperature is affected by wind speed and the indoor temperature, computer room air conditioning design of less than 28 ℃ against the cold wind blow out protection, overheating protection or 56 ℃ higher than the frequency reduction, so the indoor best select design condensation temperature is 50 ℃ corresponding pressure 1. 83MPa。 So computer room air conditioning heating three pressure is about: low pressure 0. 32 mpa or 3. 2 kg; High pressure 1. 8 mpa or 18 kg; Zero balance pressure. 7 mpa or 7 kg. See from the above analysis, the computer room air conditioning low pressure and balance pressure changes over the environment temperature is bigger, but high pressure basically remain unchanged, in the actual operation process, the pressure value can be used as a reference, as the important basis for maintenance and debugging.
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