What are the requirements for the installation of computer room power distribution cabinet -

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
1, the installation location selection problem, we in the process of the actual installation, if the location of the power distribution cabinet is not very perfect, or with the actual site requirement is at the same time, the installation personnel should submit revisions in a timely manner to the design unit, and shall be carried out according to construction drawing comprehensive conception by the designer or work site to the actual investigation, and need to meet the actual demand at the same time also can't affect beautiful, determine the actual installation location of the power distribution cabinet. 2, according to the actual demand to determine the reasonable installation position, specifications to determine the installation height and installation of power distribution cabinet, is a qualified electrical technicians should have basic skills, according to the standard distribution ark bottom position high from the ground 1 in general. 4 meters, also visible actual operation and convenient maintenance, and after the units to design the appropriate increase or reduce the installation height. In the same place in large area much the installation height of distribution ark to unity, power distribution ark installation must be a right, not too big, solid, horizontal windage Ming electric tank assembly into the outlet pipe connection with power distribution cabinet is tight, strong, smart and beautiful. 3, wires connected tightly and firm, cabinet has a safe and reliable neutral wire terminals and ground wire terminals, power distribution ark inside connection wires, power supply into line and load line connection with electrical components must be tight and firm, not loose, wire stripping length should be appropriate, conductor is not exposed, pressure to close, power distribution cabinet shall have complete neutral line by line terminal, the protection of the body must have a solid and reliable grounding terminals. According to the specification requirements: wire connected to the electrical components must be equipped with a spring gasket and pressure according to the firm. 4, according to the specifications wire color choice, in the three-phase power supply wiring in power distribution cabinet, power supply into line, load line and the connecting line of electrical components shall be carried out in accordance with the specification in the wire color choice. Is the yellow is A, B phase for the green, phase C to red, neutral line for the light blue or black. Ground for the yellow/green double color line, it is strictly prohibited to yellow/green double color line used as other wires. Outlet and inlet line of inside connection to fine, arrangement is tight. Cable arrangement of electrical components to horizontal flat vertical, tidy and beautiful, the corner bending radius should not less than 6 times of wire overseas economic cooperation, and connect each wire dimension the tie beam. 5, is to keep the case inside and outside clean, clear label distribution ark number. In the power distribution cabinet after the installation, should remove debris, clean and tidy, the purpose of the electric circuits of the power distribution ark should be clearly marked and numbered, so that the maintenance in the future.
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