What are the precautions - UPS battery thermal runaway

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
Battery thermal runaway problem must be caused a high degree of attention, UPS battery thermal runaway problem must be caused a high degree of attention. Although the battery itself in continuous heating and cooling is difficult, but as long as to take appropriate measures and careful maintenance, is to prevent thermal runaway. UPS battery thermal runaway prevention measures refers to the battery thermal runaway at constant voltage charging, battery charging current and a cumulative UPS battery temperature enhancement effect, and gradually damage the battery. Can make batteries battery thermal runaway quickly dehydrate, diaphragm electrolyte within soon dried up, finally make a battery failure. Refers to the accumulator battery thermal runaway in constant pressure charging current and UPS battery temperature occurs when a cumulative damage of enhancement effect and gradually. 1, the temperature compensation function or current-limiting charging equipment and 2, strictly control the quality of the relief valve in order to make the battery internal gas normal discharge; 3, UPS battery to set up in a well-ventilated location, and control of UPS battery temperature. Battery thermal runaway prevention measures, 1) The correct selection and adjust float charging pressure. 2) Oxygen compound reaction is conducted on the cathode and anode has the highest temperature. Moreover, a column and plate gate is metal, is a good conductor of heat, its sensitivity to the battery temperature must be better than the shell, therefore charging to constantly monitor the cathode when the column temperature, especially in the summer or at noon, whether it is important to pay special attention to the battery temperature rise. ( 3) Charging equipment should have temperature compensation and current limiting function. ( 4) Strictly control the quality of the relief valve to avoid failure, ensure the normal order of the storage battery internal gas discharge. The cause of the UPS battery thermal runaway UPS battery there are several reasons for thermal runaway, charging voltage is high, gas chromatography, produces thermal runaway. If the battery in a single cell battery, severe thermal runaway and charging of constant voltage values, single cell battery will also be other charging voltage is relatively high, produce the problem of thermal runaway. Specific analysis is as follows: 1, compact for assembly of the battery, the electrolyte is stored in the porous clapboard, such heat dissipation is difficult. It is not like ordinary lead-acid battery during charging analysis gas mixing electrolyte, is conducive to heat dissipation. When the battery internal local short circuit, battery temperature will rise even higher. 2, summer air temperature is higher, the float charging flow will increase accordingly. If not timely to reduce float charging voltage, can make the battery temperature rise rapidly. Charging voltage is too high, gas analysis is too large, resulting in excessive oxygen cycle. If the battery has a battery inside micro short circuit, also is equivalent to increase the charging voltage. 3, the relief valve is lax or open the valve pressure too low. Heat storage is out of control phenomenon is very typical, the direct consequences of thermal runaway is inside the battery electrolyte dried up, UPS UPS battery internal resistance is unusual, battery shell deformation, even burst, and emit large amounts of acidic gas. Battery fire and explosion hazard is the more common power battery system thermal runaway, the impact of, also is more serious, not only causes property loss and environmental damage, even can cause personal injury or danger.
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