What are the precautions for ups power when using the -KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-03
< p > KEBOups power when using the matters needing attention have? To introduce small make up for the fight: < / p > < p > 1. UPS power supply after successful open in order to open the load, don't open a UPS in the case of electricity load. < / p > < p > 2。 UPS is the best load types of resistive load, try not to answer the motor and power transformer on UPS and other inductive loads. Inductive load starting current general to 3 ~ 4 times of the rated current, will cause the instantaneous overload of UPS, affect the service life of UPS ( Switching power supply and so on capacitive load starting current is big) 。 < / p > < p > 3。 Full will affect the life of UPS. According to 70% ~ 80% of the rated power of the UPS to the access of load conditions. Excessive light load is not correct, it is a waste of energy, resources, in addition, excessive light load will also affect the life of UPS. < / p > < p > 4。 Don't frequent start UPS. The APC UPS power open interval should be kept in more than five minutes. < / p > < p > 5。 Only use UPS during work time, at the end of the work to shut down equipment in time, and cut off the input power, for the rest of the day UPS equipment. Unless the UPS in the work in a state of inverter. For a long time continuous work of UPS, at least a month to rest UPS was more than 10 hours. < / p > < p > 6。 Don't ignore small current 'floating' for a long time, the harm of UPS battery on a regular basis to the UPS battery discharge is the effective measure to guarantee long life work UPS. < / p > < p > < / p >
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