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by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Structural design of modular UPS with a standard, each system is composed of power module, monitoring module, static switch. The power module can be parallel, the average share the load. In case of fault automatic exit system, shall be borne by the other power module to load, can scale, vertical extension. Unique redundancy weaver technology makes the equipment with no single point of failure, to ensure that the power of the highest availability. The following introduce modular UPS power installation requirements: 1, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the factory in the product manual, on-line UPS power supply after the phase line and neutral line, conform to the requirements of ground, can't change the order. 2, connect on-line modular UPS power supply used in ac power distribution cabinet switch unfavorable choose fuse, knife switch or fuse type should adopt air switch, air switch with arc suppression function, the load or on-line UPS power supply when short circuit response speed, and leakage protection and overheat protection function. 3, UPS power supply, battery before installation should pay attention to check the battery shell and confirm whether there is physical damage, in order to further confirm whether will influence the intrinsic quality of the products. 4, choose the installation location, a good installation location is very important, placed modular UPS place must have good ventilation effect, to stay away from water, combustible gas and the etchant, keep between 0 ~ 40 ℃ ambient temperature. 5, using modular UPS power supply, don't need to add ac voltage stabilizer. If must add, should be added in the first level of UPS, the mains by ac voltage stabilizer first, then through UPS, and then to the load.
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