What are the computer room precision air conditioning refrigeration form? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
1, the air-filled type ( The air-filled type) Is air conditioning refrigerant cooling through the wind, installed in the outdoor condenser ( Precision air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners) The condensing agent of heat away, gives off heat the refrigerant. This is the most common, a bit less. 2, water-cooled type ( Water cooled type) Water-cooling structure with air-cooled type difference, the main difference is: water-cooling machine room precision air conditioning increases with water-cooled plate or shell and tube heat exchanger, refrigerant after water-cooling plate or shell and tube heat exchanger gives off heat, and water cooling plate or shell and tube heat exchanger of cold water to absorb heat from cooling tower, water pump into the building by cooling tower will heat emissions into the air again. Due to the cooling tower for hot wet exchange equipment ( Air and water direct contact) Type, also have choose dry and outdoor condenser. Extra saying, water-cooling machine room precision air conditioner and here is the frozen water type room air conditioner is two product. 3, freezing water type ( Frozen water type) Frozen water type indoor machine is mainly composed of chilled water coil, fans, water valve, chilled water directly into the indoor machine dish tube, easy to understand: air terminal without compressor refrigeration system. At the same time this kind of single machine refrigerating capacity is not fixed at the end of the air conditioning system, and the inside of the system into the return water temperature, working condition of the return air is closely related to the same units under different conditions, the unit refrigerating capacity may differ a few times. 4, double cold source ( Double cold source) Double cold source system is to ensure that the computer room precision air conditioning refrigeration of affordable, can use double cold source computer room precision air conditioning. Generally have the following two combination: a, air cooling + water frozen, give priority to with chilled water system, air cooling system for backup. B, water + chilled water, give priority to with chilled water system, water cooling system for backup. 5, ethylene glycol cooling refrigeration ( Ethylene glycol cooling refrigeration) This machine mainly USES in the northern cold region, can also be water-cooling machine room precision air conditioning. Once when outdoor temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, in the water to join the ethylene glycol solution ( Ensure water does not freeze) , to ensure the cooling water does not freeze. 6, chilled water double coil ( Dual coil) Such cooling way is in a chilled water unit, there are two sets of independent chilled water coil, and connected to different chilled water water, improved the security of the system, also saved a unit area, in the same set of structure formed in the system design of 2 n. 7, heat pipe ( Heat pipe air conditioning) Heat pipe type belongs to a very large air conditioning system, according to the different form at the end, the unit refrigeration medium and there are so many different names, such as gravity back, back, the cold water between condole type heat pipe air conditioning, heat pipe column, and so on. Eight, all kinds of other natural cold directly or indirectly use natural cold type natural cold room precision air conditioning ( Natural cold) Such devices are very many, basic it is customized refrigeration system solutions, such as t - tencent Block, amazon in the global use of indirect evaporative natural cooling system solution, etc. , this kind of project application is less, it is very long.
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