What are the characteristics of the - modular UPS power

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
Modular UPS eight basic elements: the physical frame, rack mount UPS, UPS power module, redundant control module, common battery pack ( The battery module) , common static bypass power distribution system, power distribution backplane, integration. Have & other; Redundant fault-tolerant function & throughout; And & other Hot plug repair technology & throughout; Are the two most fundamental characteristics of modular UPS. So is UPS redundant weaver integration and modularization process of system architecture, modular degree of high and low directly reflect the performance and advanced. The so-called modular process, is the component part of the UPS redundant weaver system according to & other; Modular characteristics & throughout; Request to combination, integration, can pull in the physical structure and insert installation repair. According to the requirements of characteristics in the process of modular UPS redundant weaver system, should grasp two principles: ( 1) System should be an important link and the link with relatively high failure rate on the physical structure of independent modules, to improve reliability by redundant configuration and can be quickly plug repair purpose. ( 2) Modules should be composed of & other; Have well-defined independent function and can independent operation of the units' can be restructured in the structure, make its can & other; Overall installation, disassembly, replacement, mobile 'and as far as possible do the same unit & other Redundant weaver & throughout; Configuration. UPS to modular redundancy weaver system has experienced a process from simple to complex, the process is, in fact, the continuous increasing of modular process. As the technology has been improved gradually mature and modularization, performance is also constantly improve and perfect. Throughout the current each manufacturer and model of the actual situation, according to the modular and the structure of the system difference is classified roughly six types, it should be said that all in accord with modular structure characteristics, therefore, these products are modular UPS. Have a complete physical frame, used as the physical support of the whole system, redundant weaver system is no longer a separate field assembly of the UPS and input/output devices, but form a complete physical structure. The physical frame contains features are: ( 1) Weaver system physical support; ( 2) Weaver system input/output terminals; ( 3) Designer of the system input/output bus line; ( 4) Various modules plug assembly pull; ( 5) Weaver system work condition of the display and operation panel.
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