What are the characteristics of a modular data center? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Custom hardware facilities, improve the cost performance. Modular network architecture, according to the specific business deployment of custom server, micro module and its infrastructure. The factory, on-site assembly, rapid deployment. Standardization of components, the production, the quality is controllable degree is high, engineering interface and clear. Change the way of refrigeration. Refrigeration between frame column, satisfies the requirement of high power density machine room, 5 ~ 12 kW/frame) 。 Close, cooling channel is closed. Isolation, energy transfer to the nearest and cold rooms total energy consumption by 10%. Micro module can according to the requirements of the IT cabinets, room area and the various factors such as power density, flexible component element of various organic together, to realize a standard, balance of micro module design, and can be customized according to the specific project situation, very flexible. Cold pool and inter-row refrigeration micro module is composed of two columns equipment unit face to face, and channel, skylight, side door closed component itself is to realize the cold and hot channel segregation. Short air supply distance between column and refrigeration system control strategy of high precision, also can achieve on-demand refrigeration, elastic support high density load at the same time this way. Built-in micro module internal integration UPS uninterruptible power supply system or 240 V dc and battery uninterruptible power supply systems. Different micro module can be made by different power supply, power supply system realizes the mixed form of a variety of power within the same room. Easy disassembly and assembly of micro module by the factory, has the characteristics of the industrialization and standardization, can easy disassembly and assembly. Construction time is short, the construction site to facilitate management.
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