What are the causes for premature failure of the VRLA battery? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-26
A disapproved, VRLA battery design. Practice shows that in VRLA battery, the positive and negative plates with fiber glass partition in the electrolyte from the contact is the primary cause of premature failure of the VRLA battery. To this end, shall be appropriately raise a group of assembly pressure, make the AGM separator compression rate reached 15% ~ 20%; At the same time increasing amount of electrolyte, and under the condition of VRLA battery shell strength allowed, appropriately raise the relief valve opening pressure, in order to reduce the relief valve opening times and water loss. Second, the production technology and raw materials. A group of VRLA battery in individual early failure of VRLA battery, is usually caused by individual accidental factors in the process of production. Such as microscopic pieces of lead in welding pole group from time to tome fell into the polar group, add acid quantity control is lax, unqualified parts loading, some unqualified raw materials, etc. Therefore, must be in strict control in the production of VRLA battery, the quality of each process; Third, maintenance work can't keep up. The past someone call VRLA battery & other; Free maintenance & throughout; Battery, in use process not to pay attention to maintenance, make VRLA battery performance variation quickly. So should eliminate the misunderstanding, clear VRLA battery only reduce the workload of maintenance, and not need routine maintenance. To avoid VRLA battery in the early failure of the monomer VRLA battery, should be in the new VRLA battery once before loading system deep discharge, discharge electricity exile to 1 in 10 h rate. 80 v ( Compared with the 2 v VRLA battery) Left and right sides, and then run sufficient electricity into the system. If the VRLA battery in before the end of the discharge voltage difference is not big, more uniform, this group of VRLA battery performance must be good; If there are individual VRLA battery voltage drop quickly, is likely to be behind the VRLA battery, take measures must find out the reason. The early VRLA battery capacity loss ( 过早失去能力,PCL) Often occurs in VRLA battery under the condition of deep cycle, capacity attenuation soon as cycle. There are many factors which affect PCLS degree, in the design and manufacture of VRLA battery, the following reasons can cause photo: use Pb - (1) Ca alloy plate gate when the tin content is insufficient, it is generally believed tin content 0. 2% ~ 0. 4% of the positive grid can be avoided, under the condition of deep circulation charge and discharge requirements the mass fraction of tin in 1. More than 2%; (2) plate is too thin; (3) lead paste low apparent density; (4) the assembly pressure; (5) electrolyte did not have the effect of limited capacity. In use process, the following situation often causes photo: (1) loop start charging current density is low; (2) the depth of discharge, (3) charge is more than 120%; (4) constant pressure float charging, charging voltage high enough; 5. Long-term storage; 6. The utilization of active material of high.
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