What are the cause of the fire battery? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-27
1, when the UPS power source host charging current is too large, or when the voltage is too high, will cause the battery overcharge fever, touch the hot leads to the formation of a positive and negative plate bending deformation, resulting in a fire. 2, terminal crimping tight or not too much pressure to cause cause broken core, if not close, pressure in the device with the terminal screw moves gradually from terminals, empty pick up. If under large current discharge may cause overheating cables, terminals, cable fire. 3, if the battery during transport or installation crack of shell not found in time and internal battery acid separated after installation and batteries or batteries ark can produce chemical reaction, can lead to conducting a fire. 4, storage battery and cable connection is not stable, a touch too much resistance. When temperature increases, the touch surface oxidation is serious, will cause a touch resistance grows, the electric spark until arc, thus beside burning fuel, leading to a fire. 5, when the battery connection cables in and out of the battery cabinet, scratch by battery tank iron, the insulating layer appears short circuit, causing a fire. The battery has importance in UPS system. UPS system, therefore, the management of the battery should be efficient, to extend the life of the operation of the storage battery.
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