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by:KEBO      2020-05-09
In answer frame type modular UPS what are the advantages of this problem before, let's say what is racks of modular UPS, this is two concepts, since both are mainly applied in the data center and computer room, so often together. Today, of course, our main purpose is to talk about the racks for modular UPS what are the advantages. Racks of modular UPS what are the advantages: parallel redundancy, stable operation and high reliability in the racks of modular UPS, power module part is parallel redundant, each module is equipped with input, output and input, output relay insurance, as a module fails, do not affect the whole system work. In the traditional UPS product, the user is commonly used to security & other; 1 + 1' Or & other N+1” Parallel redundancy mode, only one fault tolerance. In the rack type modular UPS system, users only need to purchase the corresponding power module, & other can be realized; N+X” The failure of redundancy. “ Modular redundant parallel structure & throughout; More reliable than conventional UPS. Easy maintenance, disposal, high availability of traditional online UPS need professional and technical personnel to the scene maintenance, modular UPS all module allows the hot plug, the user can step in maintenance, direct online to replace UPS backup module. Racks of modular UPS in power device technology and manufacturing technology has inherited the traditional UPS technology development achievements, but in terms of system architecture, on the basis of multiple modules in parallel, not only realize the hotplug system module, and better deal with the modular operation system, the relationship between cooperation and smooth transition. Racks of modular UPS at present is a typical structure is modular UPS power. Power module mechanism frame by frame UPS power modules, power modules including traditional UPS of rectifier, filter, charging, inverter and other parts. But the static by-pass and parts of the system control and display share one rack. Another kind is completely modular UPS. The racks of modular UPS consists of frame with monomer module, every single module is equipped with the UPS power supply and control circuit, including static bypass switch rectifier, inverter, and accessory control circuit, the master CPU board. Actually in terms of the two, the structure of the two classes have their own advantages, also has the extremely outstanding representative works, but the difference is there are many, such as installation of this block, such as the overall design. So for the choice of the two issues still depends on our demand again according to the actual situation to make a choice.
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