What are the advantages of the intelligent power distribution system

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
1) Improve the safe reliability of power supply reliability of power supply system including the understanding of the power supply system in real time, to fault the fast response and the unexpected power outage can restore power within a very short time. 2) Predicting hidden trouble all loop real-time monitoring system of three phase current, voltage, active/reactive power electric parameters such as position and status, and through the graphical interface real-time reflect on a computer screen, refresh cycle 1 ~ 2 seconds. Can be set to focus on the circuit, the limit alarm and deflection alarm, once set event occurs, the system will notify the operators in the form of voice and text, by the alarm information combined with the actual situation to understand system there may be a hidden trouble. Tripping or alarm incident once the power supply system, the system will specify the fault circuit, fault type, can provide accident playback for operators to analyze, in order to quickly find and troubleshooting. 3) Ensure the quality of power supply circuit configuration of the power quality analysis of the harmonic is sensitive instrument for real-time monitoring, once the harmonic beyond reasonable range, system can inform the operating personnel. 4) Reducing line loss, improve power factor in real time monitoring of the power factor of power distribution system, when the system power factor lower in situ by automatic capacitor reactive power compensation, to keep the power factor in 0. Around 95, it would reduce transformer capacity and transmission line reactive load, thus reducing line and transformer losses. 5) Can improve the efficiency of intelligent power distribution system with the help of monitoring software and computer technology, improve the level of automation system, realize the unattended, greatly saves the power supply system operation maintenance workload, improve efficiency, save human.
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