What are - modular UPS design characteristics

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
1. Advanced: lengthen the service life of the machine from the circuit structure to solve the negative impact of circulation of parallel UPS module; Adopt concentrated bypass static switch working mode, the static switch according to the system configuration, maximum output capacity and redundancy design; Decentralized control theory, power module, monitoring module, static switch module can be online plug, each other; Alignment master-slave synchronous control technology, running without bottleneck; Parallel operation, each module within the rectifier circuit, charging circuit, inverter circuit and other modules to maintain equilibrium; Full of high frequency and digital technology application, represents the power supply products of the highest technical level at the present stage. 2. Safe sex: to improve the reliability and availability to bring the improvement of reliability and availability, used the high frequency, the digital technology, make the reliability greatly improved; Canceled the output isolation transformer, and makes further improve reliability; Used without the synchronous parallel technology, eliminates the bottleneck, to improve reliability again by; Easier to achieve high reliability of partition power solutions; Power module, monitoring module, static switch module can be online plug, no influence each other; With the possibility of the MTTR = 0; For not bring convenient users of professional and technical personnel; 3. Flexibility: easy to increase or decrease in capacity, move and change from 2 ~ 24 online expansion module; Reduce the initial purchase cost; Meet late equipment on-demand expansion; To realize online investment; Along with the business development & other; The dynamic growth & throughout; 4. Manageability: modular UPS can simplify maintenance and repair and maintenance module level maintenance & ndash; — Don't need to find time to repair fault point is not affected by man-made factors & ndash; — Controlled generally do not need the engineer to the site & ndash; — Don't need to turn the bypass autonomous maintenance, on-line hot-swappable & ndash; — Does not affect the load in 5. Economy: the highest cost-effective products raise price = lower initial cost = expansion and lower maintenance costs lower running costs
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