What are computer room precision air conditioning function - you don't know

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
Solar energy use solar energy to generate electricity, using natural gas as a supplementary power when no solar. Additional, still can save cost. 3 d printing with 3 d printing operation of the air-conditioning, users can customize the style, structure, color and function of air conditioning, etc. According to personal taste and home decoration customized to the ac unit. Air conditioning monitoring machine room monitoring system by the front-end equipment, client/server APP, PC screen three parts. Users can through the client APP/PC after landing can view real-time running state and the related parameters of precision air conditioning, when there is a temperature and humidity air return, supply the limit failure, such as synchronous receive the alarm information, fast response. Two stage cooling two-stage cooling technology can make compressor operates in accordance with the corresponding requirements. Compared with the standard of the compressor, two stage cooling system is more cost-effective. Facilities partitioning technology can in the area of two to four partitions are allocated Settings, can also according to each region specific preference temperature Settings.
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