What a clear advantage - modular machine room-KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-05
< p > modular machine room modular data center is a response to cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, high-density server changes, such as improve the efficiency of data center operations, reduce the energy consumption and achieve rapid expansion and mutual influence. Micro module data center is to point to by multiple independent function, the unity of the input and output interface modules, different regions of the micro module can backup each other, through the relevant micro module combination form a complete data center. Micro module data center is an integrated, standard and optimal, intelligent, highly adaptive infrastructure environment and high availability computing environment. < / p > < p > modular machine room-KEBO power supply < / p > < p > modular machine room with the biggest difference lies in the traditional room can maximize the use of refrigeration power for cooling equipment. Because it adopts closed cooling channel way, air conditioning and heat isolation, overall improve the refrigeration efficiency; Air conditioning and the IT cabinets interval placed side by side, the use of air conditioning level directly met, blow a cold wind over the cabinet meet the cooling demand, reduce energy consumption by more than 30%, save a lot of operating costs for our customers. Second, the modular machine room can rapid deployment. Because of its completed before the factory pre-installed cabinet, the scene it external power supply is connected, the simple operations such as fixed rack can use. < / p > < p > 1, rapid deployment, shorten the construction period < / p > < p > micro module data centers to speed up the planning and design, according to design goals in a reasonable way configuration system structure, micro module can achieve mass production spot supply, thus increasing the speed of delivery; Standardized connection mode can reduce the work site configuration and connection, speed up the installation; Micro module data center can greatly shorten the construction cycle, traditional data centers need 7 to implementation stage In August, reduced to 2 - using micro module construction 3 months. < / p > < p > 2, convenient installment and extend construction < / p > < p > by micro module architecture, data center can increase gradually, thus can make from a micro module to dozens of micro module according to the requirements in installment construction. Large data centers of any size IT space configuration to achieve the best state. Micro module data center solutions significantly cut the cost of data center during service life. < / p > < p > 3, standard module, stable and reliable < / p > < p > micro module data center adopts modular, standardization, and high integration design, make the whole system has high stability. At the same time, the data center modules can be based on customer needs, in power redundancy scheme on N, N + 1, 2 N configuration scheme, meet the TIA - 942 the highest Tier4 levels. < / p > < p > 4, green, energy-saving < / p > < p > data center during the service life of the electric power cost is TCO ( TotalCostofOwnership, total cost of ownership) One of the largest. Compared with the traditional room, micro module data center cooling efficiency more than 12%. Micro module data center combined with water cooling system, the natural cooling system, PUE can be reduced to 1. 5 below. < / p > < p > 5, intelligent management and efficient operations < / p > < p > intelligent management system can help customers saving energy and reducing consumption, to implement a multi-level data room, fine management, energy consumption through a variety of additional energy loss report accurately. Based on large data analysis, the output energy saving optimization, build green data room. Best asset management is for the entire network assets life cycle management of asset information closed loop management, ensure that the data refresh in time, timely management. Help users asset maintenance plan at the same time, helping our clients achieve active warning within the maintenance plan, maintenance plan can be adjusted dynamically at the same time, output optimization scheme according to the current actual situation, to build the best asset management functions. < / p > < p > more than the advantages of modular machine is a new era, now everybody to know more about the modular machine room? < / p > < p > < / p >
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