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by:KEBO      2020-04-30
UPS power supply, UPS power supply is divided into on-line UPS power supply and backup UPS power supply, general equipped with home computers is belongs to the backup type of UPS power supply, it belongs to a kind of backup power; Backup type is with regulated part, USES the relay shift voltage regulator, voltage regulator effect is not good, can't calculate voltage regulator. The Chinese name of the UPS power supply is uninterruptible power supply, is actually used to reserve the power, when power outage, through summary storage battery power after inverter output ac current to the power supply equipment use, and usually the time interval from the host switch to standby power in less than 10 milliseconds, so power is almost not any effect on electrical equipment. Voltage regulator, voltage regulator is designed for power grid voltage instability, primarily for the backend equipment protection, to protect equipment function better. General large UPS power must also be equipped with bypass system voltage ( Voltage stabilizer) , the function of stabilizer range is very wide, almost to all the places need to use electricity, If the voltage instability) 。 By the pressure regulator circuit, control circuit, and the servo motor, etc. When the input voltage or load change, sampling and comparison are made on the control circuit, amplifier, and then drive servo motor rotation, and change the position of the voltage regulator for carbon brush, by automatically adjusting the coil number of turns ratio, so as to maintain the stability of output voltage. The function of stabilizer: 1, can make low voltage 125 v - Or high voltage 250 v - 165 v Voltage stability is in 200-270 - v Between 230 v, make household appliances can work normally; 2, when the input voltage is higher than 255 - V or below 125-275 When the 160 v, can automatically cut off power supply; 3, when power is suddenly call afterwards, can delay 5 - 8 minutes to start the output power, avoid because of the high voltage electrical damage. When the choose and buy home voltage stabilizer must pay attention to the above three basic function is complete or not. Regulated power supply is mainly used to voltage stability, to provide a stable electrical equipment electricity environment, use of electric equipment from voltage fluctuation or interference. Due to function fully and UPS power supply, and UPS power supply which also comes with a storage battery, so the cost of the price is quite high. , of course, there are a lot of people is to mix regulated power supply and UPS power makes sense, because some quality good backup UPS power supply is also attached with a voltage stabilizing function, is one of the electronic switch voltage regulator, can be used as stabilizer, but there is no specific voltage stabilizer effect and voltage stability and precision is ideal.
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