venture to build your own keychain pocket watch circuit

by:KEBO      2019-11-30
You can create your own keychain pocket watch circuit.Perhaps the most representative of this circuit is the form of printing. we have already drawn a circle out of the classic rectangular or square design.The printed keychain pocket watch circuit board is 18 inch in diameter.Circle-Shape cutting is quite laborious but not impossible.Anyway, those who dare not cut PCB in this form;They can simply use the basic 18 cm square PCB side of the picture we presented in the center.To make the keychain pocket watch PCB design, just use the basic material.Get a tutorial that can be downloaded online in PDF format and print the footprint of our tutorial \"how to build your own watch Circuit.\\ \"You can use the method explained here to build the PCB.The list of components we will use is quite extensive, but fortunately it is very lowCost component, so this is a project that can be reached on all budgets.Once everything is ready, before putting ICs into the socket, we can feed the small keychain pocket watch and check the output of the 5 v voltage regulator for each.We can also measure the voltage of the socket Pin responsible for each integrated feed to avoid any unpleasant surprises.There should be 5 v between pins 7 and 14 for each 74 hc164n, and the pin socket for the micro-controller should be between 5 and 14.If all goes well, we can put each part together and be careful not to put them in the opposite direction.Below we will see how to program the micro controller for the top watch feature.We \'ve seen how to develop software for hardware, and now we\'re starting to see how to take advantage of this design, explaining every routine needed to convert that bunch of components into useful components.We started writing software from scratch, explaining the steps of each keychain pocket watch project, so that everyone can have a full understanding of each routine, so that it can be modified.We decided to show more readers the version of ccs pic basic and each piece of code.We have solved the mechanism of making pudding every second (we will see in the next issue, using interrupts) and we should write a routine (or function, if we update the display using CCS, and update \"seconds\" as needed \".Each time a \"flag\" is determined to be \"1\", the main body of the program should update the time and display it in the display.Each keychain pocket observation segment (and decimal point) of each monitor is connected by a resistor that limits the current flowing through them, one of the outputs of 74 hc164n.These are connected in \"cascade\" so that when one of the data \"out\" is applied to the next input.This means that we can write 4 monitors with only two pins (clock and data.
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