Valve control type sealed lead acid battery in the use and maintenance should pay attention to what? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-22
1, the valve control type sealed lead acid battery and maintenance-free batteries, sealed lead acid battery can be allowed to run in the range of 15 degrees - - 50 degrees, but 5 degrees Used within 35 degrees can prolong battery life. 15 degrees below zero in the following battery chemical composition change will not charge. Used in the range of 20 to 25 degrees will receive the highest life expectancy, battery run at low temperatures will have long life but low capacity, run in the high temperature will get higher capacity but short life. After more than 25 degrees Celsius temperature, each high 8. Battery life will reduce half 3 degrees. 2, maintenance-free battery design float charging voltage to 2. 3 v/section. The 12 v battery for 13. 8V。 The CSB proposal to each section 2. 25 - 2. 3V。 In the case of 120 batteries in series, the temperature is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature rise every once float charging voltage should be cut 3 mv. The same temperature rise every for a while there was not enough to avoid charging voltage should be raised 3 mv. Discharging termination voltage at full capacity ( < 30 minutes) Case 1. 67 v every day. Under the condition of the low discharge rate ( Small current discharge) for a long time To rise to 1. 7 v - 1. Each section 8 v, some UPS can adjust charging voltage according to the load. If, after discharge the battery within 72 hours without recharging. Sulfate will adhere to the plate on the insulating charging, and damage to the battery. 4, battery, is filled in the floating or a gas inside the battery in the negative plate electrolysis of water, so as to maintain the capacity of the battery and don't need to add water. But the battery plate corrosion will reduce battery capacity. 5, battery separator in the environmental temperature for 30 - life Is only 5 to 40 degrees For six months. Long time storage battery once every six months must charge. Batteries must be stored in a cool, dry environment. In 20 degrees under the environment of maintenance-free battery self-discharge rate for 3 - 4% per month, and with the temperature changes. 6, maintenance-free batteries are equipped with safety valve, when the battery internal pressure increases to a certain degree of relief valve can automatically remove excess gas, in the internal pressure relief valve will automatically resume recovery. 7, the cycle life of the battery ( Charge and discharge times life) Depends on the discharge rate, depth of discharge, as well as restorative charging ways, one of the most important factor is the depth of discharge. In the discharge rate and time, discharge depth is shallow, the longer the battery cycle life. Maintenance-free battery life under the condition of 25 degrees 100% deep discharge cycle is about 200 times. 8, when the battery arrive in life characterized by capacity attenuation, internal short circuit, the shell deformation, plate corrosion, reduce the open circuit voltage. The end of the battery life as defined by IEEE capacity of less than 80% of the nominal capacity AH. Nominal capacity and actual backup time nonlinear relation, capacity to reduce 20% corresponding backup time will reduce a lot. Some UPS manufacturer to define the life of the battery capacity to drop to 50% of the nominal capacity 60%.
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