Valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, the cause of the fire -

by:KEBO      2020-04-26
According to the formula of energy: Q = I2RT ( Q represents the energy, I represents the current, resistance R the meters, T represents the time) , the battery in the process of discharge will release a certain quantity of heat, the discharge current and the resistance value, the greater the heat emitted by the greater. Loose connection between the battery can lead to increased contact resistance, and will increase as time goes on. When using battery output current passes through the region can cause fever, the greater the flow of electric current, the longer the duration, calorific value is, the more the temperature will rise. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, it will cause the battery terminal fever in carbonized shell material, ABS smoldering fire. Refers to the battery of thermal runaway battery overcharge or ambient temperature too high cause the charging current is too large, the heat generated by the will make the battery to boom. Raise the temperature of the battery to cause a decline in battery internal resistance, resistance drop and strengthened the charging current. The increase of temperature and current promote each other, make the battery internal temperature can be as high as 120 ℃ above, soften the ABS shell ( ABS softening point 90 ℃ or so) And the expansion of the battery, leakage, burst into flames. Floating batteries need to be aware of is normal also thermal runaway could occur in middle and later periods of the life, the reason is that will happen at the end of the battery charging reaction, electrolysis of water and oxygen recombination efficiency does not reach 100%, keep the electrolyte loss to cause a decline in the saturation partition, it will add sealed battery current of oxygen compound, not only increase the battery float charging flow, accelerated the fever and further water loss of battery, and eventually lead to thermal runaway. So floating in essence is a kind of charge. Have arisen if the battery charging, the rate at which the battery internal electrolysis of water will be accelerated, these gases to be absorbed, will accumulate, when the battery internal pressure more than open the back pressure valve out of hydrogen and oxygen mixed inflammable and explosive gas, if your site has good sealing, easy ignition detonated in the external sparks. Loose connection is mainly due to the battery installation without fastening or too close, or battery to use after a period of time because of the connection of metal heat bilges cold shrink. When the battery discharge or large current charge, because of loose connection between the connection parts, resistance, heat accumulation, temperature, thus cause the battery plastic shell burst into flames. For battery connection is loose, need to monitor the temperature of the battery terminal condition, monitoring the connection battery internal resistance at the same time, when the temperature changes in the terminal or connection resistance changes, an alarm in time, prevent battery fire.
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