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by:KEBO      2020-05-01
UPS power as an important power of the whole network system and information system support, as the load provides the strong guarantee safe and reliable operation. The desire of the client application now more and more intense, also more and more demanding. UPS power equipment increased much more than the increase of the staff, room also make the management of distributed multi-site burden is getting heavier and heavier. How to effectively manage, how to improve utilization rate of the UPS power supply, how to solve due to the large number of UPS power supply to use management of the cost of the maintenance has become a UPS users must consider and face. 1, UPS power supply network centralized monitoring solutions according to the needs of computer room, can not only for UPS power real-time running state monitoring, the surrounding environment of computer room will also be able to implement testing such as: temperature and humidity, smoke, water and so on. Detailed and intuitive in the center of the monitoring data and image display the real-time status of UPS, intuitive and clearly in the form of data and graphic display for each network UPS, battery voltage, frequency, load, and so on the various parameters of real-time state information, help the user to understand the current power supply quality, for the first time for UPS power abnormal information. 2, through the network to collect information about UPS power we can insert SIM card or install software through the network to collect information about UPS power supply, UPS so centralized management software must be both monitoring software and the ability to SIM card online. Once the monitoring point of more and more, network traffic has become a big problem in the management system. In order to avoid traffic jams, the management software should be able to adjust the monitor to reduce transmission network packets. Improve efficiency by UPS power management software, managers can through the centralized UPS management planning power protection action in effect at the time of the problem. Step by step, at the end of the power problem, management can track and find out there is a problem of UPS, analyses the reason of power events. Under the protection of UPS, managers of every power incident, will be told in the first place, and provide sufficient information to let him know how to deal with equipment. 3, UPS power supply and computer concatenated can on a computer equipped with multiterminal KouKa to expand the RS232 interface, or connect the UPS power supply, and more than united to RS485, RS232 interface to connect to the computer. RS485 is suitable for the connection distance of UPS, but with the combination of the increase in the number of UPS, as the system monitoring the time efficiency of UPS will change ─ connect more UPS, UPS system monitoring the time required will be long. 4, UPS power supply room to use due to the development of information technology, network has become people to live and work in impossible or missing parts, constitute a network power supply reliability of the digital computer room has become the key, and the reliable power supply of computer room is a top priority, UPS power supply power supply is in order to solve the uninterrupted power supply. Data center now, therefore, more and more high to the requirement of UPS power supply, KEBO while considering the user requirements, but the UPS power in the hands of customers, how to effectively management and utilization of such not only can reduce customer after-sales bring doubts, also can promote the development of both sides for a long time.
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