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by:KEBO      2020-05-02
What is a, the user's requirements? Because there are a large number of models and manufacturers to choose from, the user has decided to adopt the suitable for their own needs UPS power supply will be the most onerous task in the process of purchase. This dilemma can be solved by evaluating the required scale of backup power supply to. Such as individual users and there exists significant difference between the requirements of large manufacturers, and according to the structure of the electric infrastructure to choose the appropriate system is one of the effective methods to measure should buy what type. Second, the need to power supply for how long? Users have different reasons for seeking a better function. Some users use basic working or just in order to save the document, then closed IT systems in a timely manner. While some users hope to protect IT systems work during the blackout. But you have to remember that the power of IT system size will determine the UPS power supply time: connect to the smaller the load power, the power supply for the longer time. Three, types and common problems of UPS, UPS has three types: backup type UPS, on-line interactive UPS, double conversion UPS online. The following can explain the power of the common problems and solve the problem described in the types of UPS power supply. Surge caused by short and sudden power fluctuations. Electricity is able to handle all of the above three types of UPS power surge. Power outages are usually made of the bad weather condition, electricity shortages, accident, power grid failure cause. The three types of UPS power blackouts can be effectively dealt with. Overvoltage often occurs when input voltage is higher than the standard level. On-line interactive UPS and on-line double conversion UPS can properly deal with the problem. Frequency changes when the level of generator and power frequency greater than the daily volatility fluctuations, this change can be corrected only by double conversion UPS online. Line noise line noise may or reduce the performance of the circuit. Similarly, only double conversion UPS can solve this problem. Four, UPS battery can use how long? UPS battery life will eventually run out, and require every 3 - Replaced every five years. When the battery is about to run out, UPS power supply will be flashing red light and a police report with notifies the user. Because mainly adopts is lead-acid battery, so need to safety and monitoring management. 5, how much is the investment of UPS? These three UPS in different scale and the ability to run, meet the demand of more large power UPS need more investment to achieve. Therefore, we need to measure the accurate power demand, and select suitable to the need of configuration.
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