Used in the power of the computer room modular solution - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-05-03
Modular UPS rooms offer a wide range of advantages. Not only simplify the procedure of all, from the initial planning to daily operation, but also significantly improves the data center all the components of scalability, availability, maintainability and efficiency. Standardization: comprehensive management experience of the high availability of IT services, in the construction of smart city cloud computer room, relying on data center, a high level of resources for small and medium-sized to provide product specifications and the common demand of standardized service procedures, and in & other; McDonald's throughout the &; Customizable options is introduced. Concise: provide a fully detailed price and service contents, simplifying the services focused on customer needs and support the process of open, for IT project clients and reduce the complexity and difficulty of implementation. Timely: contains rapid opening of service and service deployment, timely response to customer technical problems, breakdown maintenance, alteration and emergency, etc. Efficiency: rapid deployment capabilities, assist clients to finish moving, with the fastest speed, the open service, until operation and after-sale maintenance, providing end-to-end single user service interface, have unified platform for standard service support team. Support the customer's bag, wisdom city cloud room budget, simplify the service process, realize the convenient and efficient communication and client; Can be flexible configuration, scene strong adaptability; Room height, low bearing requirements, meet all kinds of equipment room construction, the transformation scenarios, modular scheme, construction, single and double row number of counters flexible expansion, fit a variety of scenarios. UPS power supply module can provide solutions include: custom hardware installation in order to improve the cost performance. Network architecture is modular, apply to the server on the implementation of specific business, micro module and its infrastructure. The factory, on-site assembly, rapid deployment. The standardization of components, and transition, the high quality control and clear interface. It changes the way of refrigeration system. Between cooling rack, in order to meet the requirements of high power density chamber. Micro module is composed of two rows of relative equipment unit, channel of sealing components, skylights, a side door of cold and hot channel segregation. It is equipped with uninterrupted power supply. Different micro module can be made of different energy power supply system, allowing for a variety of power supply in the same room combination, in order to facilitate disassembly and assembly. Micro module by factory, industrialization and standardization, and can be easily disassembled and assembled. Short construction time, construction site easier to manage.
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