UPS uninterruptible power supply what is the difference between the sine wave and square wave? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
UPS uninterruptible power supply output has two kinds of situations: A, mains directly after A simple voltage regulator output; B, mains or battery ( Dc voltage) After the inverter output. 1, the backup type UPS uninterruptible power supply (normal mode A) : the utility after voltage output is pure sine wave; Battery mode ( B) : after inverter dc voltage is a square wave output. 2, on-line interactive UPS uninterruptible power supply (normal mode A) : the utility after voltage output is pure sine wave; Battery mode ( B) : after inverter dc voltage output is pure sine wave. Sine wave ( Or some pure sine wave) The best, of course, on the waveform and power grid or send waveform generator is the same, and it's even more perfect than the waveform of electricity from power grid can be used to, but the sine wave modulation is not a simple matter, need complicated control circuit; So the cost will rise. Sine wave UPS, therefore, generally only in the capacity of more than 5 kva units, or online type and some of the online interactive unit didn't appear, backup unit unless the capacity is very big, otherwise is very little. The workers in the sine wave with the frequency transformer is the most efficient conversion, can load all equipment can be used on the grid. But because the cost problem, at present also has many USES such as: correction sine wave and square wave correction sine wave, which is not a sine curve, but many small line segments, using artificial method will they get into similar to sine curve, is modified sine wave, modified sine wave is also called the modified wave, although compared with the square wave is good, but still not as good as sine wave. Square wave is more simple, very simple push mian circuit can do it, but because from the highest point in the square wave form suddenly fell to the lowest to the highest, in which the energy loss is huge, and if the unit capacity is very big, such losses may cause damage to the machine itself, so generally square wave system, will not appear on a lot of units, and usually hundreds of ampere of small capacity and is a backup UPS uninterruptible power supply of the unit. Sine wave conversion efficiency is highest, minimum loss followed by correction is sine wave and square wave.
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