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by:KEBO      2020-04-25
A, the actual load capacity of this is the most fundamental factor of UPS power capacity size. UPS power output capacity must reach or exceed the load needs to ensure the normal power supply. In the practical application to consider centralized power supply and distributed power supply UPS power source is adopted. Adopt the centralized power supply should be the total load will rooms all power accumulated by the UPS power supply load. Use of distributed power supply based on each UPS with different load. Load capacity of electrical equipment usually referred to as apparent power, expressed in S, VA. Apparent power contains active power P ( Unit W) And reactive power Q ( Unit Var) The relationship between the size, is S2 = P2 + Q2. Here we will be the ratio of active power and apparent power is called power factor, pure resistance load power factor is 1, the power factor of the capacitive load is in commonly 0. 6 ~ 0. 7. Second, the type of the load of different types of load to the different proportion of the active power and reactive power, but UPS need to load at the same time provide enough active power and reactive power, the actual output capacity is limited by load type. For computer class load, UPS basically can output rated power, if the load impedance or inductive, is a drop in output power UPS, need to increase the UPS capacity. For example, the power factor is 0. 7 1 kvaups, take the computer load can take full 1 kva, take the best pure impedance load can take 700 va, The active power is 700 w) The charged inductive load is lower. Therefore when calculating the load capacity of the value with W power resistance, inductive load, should convert the VA value, generally calculation method is: impedance load of VA value = W & divide; 0. 7. Perceptual load VA value = W & divide; 0. 3. Three, UPS power capacity utilization to all kinds of switch power supply of computer room equipment class of the nonlinear loads and all kinds of printers load, the load impact current is big, if the power supply UPS capacity is too small, long-term overload operation, prone to waveform distortion, and easy to cause the output level at the end of the power device, over current, plus the calorific value caused by overloading, adverse to the system reliability is obvious. For high-power UPS, general advice capacity utilization rate control in 0. 6 ~ 0. 8. Of course UPS capacity also shoulds not be too big. Although UPS with small load is beneficial to the reliability, but excessive light load operation, a waste of investment, second in line for a long time of power failure, the battery has been small current discharge, easy to cause damage occur deep discharge. Four, environmental conditions, the working temperature of UPS generally should be controlled in the range of 0 ~ 40 ℃. If the temperature is too high, ventilated condition is bad, is not conducive to heat dissipation, derating use. Elevation also has an effect, at an altitude of more than 1000 m 1000 m per rise, after UPS shall use 5% derating. Five, the types of UPS and actual load capacity of different types of UPS its load capacity is different. Machine output ability is good, power frequency and high frequency machine, the actual loading ability only machine power frequency of 0. Nine times. Other vendor's product, there may be the actual load ability is the phenomenon of nominal capacity is low, it is the product of the credibility problem, users have to consider this factor in the application. Ou yi beauty products company through rigorous testing and quality control, the user can be at ease completely. Sixth, the potential capacity of the equipment. Configuration need UPS capacity expansion and equipment should be considered in the future, have a certain margin, load increased in the future, not to buy UPS again. Additional, as far as possible choose weaver function model, through the UPS when necessary weaver multiply output capacity. At the same time, the configuration of UPS input and output power distribution cabinets, cable and should be open to leaving allowance, for future expansion.
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