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by:KEBO      2020-03-31
< p > UPS power to teach you how to choose suitable UPS power: < / p > < p > step 1: make sure you need what type of UPS < / p > < p > in terms of China's current power situation, UPS is a very necessary power protection equipment, different users of UPS are also different types of demand, such as important equipment must choose excellent performance, high safety coefficient of the on-line model, on-line UPS function is perfect, can resist from various assaults on the grid, such as high pressure, peak, surge, noise interference, etc. , the output pure power, time to protect your load. < / p > < p > web users in addition to choose on-line, may also consider on-line interactive UPS. Although on-line interactive UPS sort is more, quality fire is not complete, but like KEBO Intel series UPS, through power software monitoring network environment, network management power, also is very suitable for Internet use. Personal and home users can consider to choose backup type models, back-up type UPS are cheap, lightweight appearance, ideal partner is a personal computer. It from the mains switch to the battery power when the conversion time is less than 10 milliseconds, and PC machine has to store electrical energy capacitance, can endure the power conversion time is less than 20 milliseconds, so will not affect the normal use of the PC. < / p > < p > step 2: make sure you need UPS power ( VA) Value < / p > < p > list all need to protect the equipment, don't forget to display, host, external hard drives, etc. Voltage and power of each equipment data can be found on the back, put the two multiplication can obtain ( VA) Volt ampere value. Some equipment with w ( W) Show that need electricity, the wattage multiplied by 1. 4 can obtain approximate volt ampere value. Summary to all parts of the VA value; Expand summary values and 30% reserve capacity, for system upgrade. < / p > < p > step 3: determine the load equipment need spare time < / p > < p > when power off, just to save, load equipment shutdown operation, suggestion choice standard UPS. Power, load device would still need a long time operation, should choose long-term type UPS. < / p > < p > step 4: it is very important to choose a good brand of UPS, such as good brand APCUPS power supply, product quality is guaranteed. < / p > < p > < / p >
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