UPS power tips - dust

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
In some dry regions, because of the dust in the air is more, in the UPS host wind opportunity to precipitate dust into the machine, when in the air humidity will cause the host control disorders caused by a host work properly, and issued a false alarm, a large amount of dust will also cause UPS power supply heat dissipation is not good, lead to internal temperature rise, affect the service life of UPS power supply, the more serious is the UPS host explosion. So about UPS dust, we must attach importance to it. Generally, once every four years of UPS equipment overhaul, the first is to replace all UPS fan, then according to running condition, charged by professional personnel check the ripple of the dc circuit, from the appearance to check the dc and ac capacitor with and without exception, and capacitance to use special table test to determine whether the change of capacitance. Removal method is that after completion of the cleaning and maintenance, began to plug-ins, attention to plugin, secondary to be plugged in. Check if there is a resonance after electrify fan and the cover plate. If the above situation is normal, UPS continue manual bypass power supply load, under the condition of without load, by professional and technical personnel to UPS power supply debugging alone automatic bypass, rectifier and inverter. If debugging is normal, UPS start switch, by the manual bypass switch to automatic by-pass to inverter power supply. Second is in the dust, check the fitting and plug-ins have loose contact and not firm. In addition to these tips of dust removal, we at ordinary times in the process of using the UPS power supply, see there is some dirt on the UPS host, also want to get into the habit of a clean, dust does not accumulate if so, clean UPS host for a long time, will give us better and more stable and reliable power supply.
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