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by:KEBO      2020-04-20
UPS power use jargon called prolong time, depends on the configuration of battery capacity and quantity to decide. According to the delay time length can be divided into two kinds of models, called a marking machine, is there a built-in battery. Because of the space reasons, the built-in battery is generally 7 9 ah ah or small battery, so the delay time is shorter, usually 5 - About 10 minutes. Of course, if the host is big, and the load is very small, the delay time can be up to 30 minutes to 1 hour or so. Another type is called the lead, the external battery. Can according to the requirements of the clients delay to configure battery, delay time can be up to an hour to more than twenty hours, but the longer the delay time, use the number of, the more the greater the capacity, and the costs will be higher. Generally the more the longer delay time configuration, the price is more expensive. The length of the standby time is determined by the energy storage device of UPS, UPS power supply with fully sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery as energy storage device, the size of the battery capacity by & other; Ann, count ( AH) ” The indicators reflect the meaning is, in accordance with the provisions of current discharge time. The same voltage of battery, Ann hours big capacity; The same hours of battery, high voltage large capacity, usually expressed as a voltage and Ann hours of battery capacity.
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