UPS power supply, the maintenance of common pitfalls -

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
Myth: UPS power supply high frequency machine is a new technology product, no power products in the previous impression, UPS belongs to the low availability, low reliability and & other High energy efficient & throughout; 。 However, for the selection of UPS is the transition from the old and new. There are several links in UPS before work is a huge energy consumption, and also has a great influence to the reliability of UPS. High frequency machine UPS can solve such a problem, however, its efficiency under the condition of the load can reach 95%. So-called high-frequency machine UPS refers to the input and output circuit can work in more than 20 KHZ, and there is no UPS output transformer circuit. Compared with the traditional power frequency machine UPS 90% efficiency, high frequency machine UPS's advantage is obvious. High frequency UPS besides UPS technical index of power frequency machine, with higher performance and indicators, and power frequency machine than by UPS. So on the selection of UPS, high frequency machine UPS will be the future development trend. Erroneous zone 2: UPS power supply lightning protection in the data center, power supply system belongs to alternating current (ac), came in from the power grid is divided into two kinds of circumstances, it is very important if the data center must be equipped with generators. From the alternating current into the data center, first to solve the issues of lightning protection. Alternating current (ac) came in, before entering the UPS, must be completed before the power distribution cabinet level 3 lightning protection. The first level of lightning protection to the more than 7000 v lightning surge voltage dropped below 4000 v, the second lightning protection has dropped below 2500 v, the third level of lightning protection has dropped below 1500 v, through the UPS input circuit filter down to 1000 volts, UPS itself can be used at this moment. When buying a UPS, some users will be asked & lsquo; The UPS can be several levels of lightning protection & rsquo; 。 This shows that there are still users have such misunderstanding & ndash; — UPS has lightning protection function. But in fact the three levels of lightning surge current can be up to 8000 amperes, is any type UPS cannot afford. Three levels of lightning protection must be in the front of UPS input power distribution ark. Myth 3: UPS power supply and maintenance-free battery don't need & other; Maintenance & throughout; Battery in the data center power supply system of longevity is the shortest, but it is made into fault most equipment. Many users think maintenance-free battery is need not maintain, this is a big mistake. No maintaining is the full name of lead-acid battery valve control type free maintenance battery, & other; Free maintenance & throughout; Refers to the proportion does not need to measure the battery, do not need to add battery water, not not need maintenance.
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