UPS power supply room configuration must figure out the actual load capacity and load types -

by:KEBO      2020-05-09
We now business rooms are general configuration inside the UPS power supply, as an important equipment of the enterprise computer room power protection, at the time of choosing the right UPS is very important, because if you choose not appropriate may cause in the later in the process of using the unnecessary trouble, our engineers will tell everyone to the enterprise under the room choice of UPS power supply, need to figure out the two data. 1. The actual load capacity is the most fundamental factor of UPS power capacity size. The output of the UPS capacity must reach or exceed the load needs to guarantee the normal power supply. In the practical application to consider UPS is to use centralized power supply and distributed power supply. Adopt the centralized power supply should be the total load will rooms all power accumulated by the UPS power supply load. Use of distributed power supply based on each UPS with different load. Load capacity of electrical equipment usually referred to as apparent power, expressed in S, VA. Apparent power contains active power P ( Unit W) And reactive power Q ( Unit Var) The relationship between the size, is S2 = P2 + Q2. Here we will be the ratio of active power and apparent power is called power factor, pure resistance load power factor is 1, the power factor of the capacitive load is in commonly 0. 6 ~ 0. 7. 2. The type of load as described above, the different types of load to the different proportion of the active power and reactive power, but UPS need to load at the same time provide enough active power and reactive power, the actual output capacity is limited by load type. For computer class load, UPS basically can output rated power, if the load impedance or inductive, is a drop in output power UPS, need to increase the UPS capacity. For example, the power factor is 0. 7 1 kvaups, take the computer load can take full 1 kva, take the best pure impedance load can take 700 va, The active power is 700 w) The charged inductive load is lower. Therefore when calculating the load capacity of the value with W power resistance, inductive load, should convert the VA value, UPS power supply in general calculating method is: impedance load of VA value = W & divide; 0. 7. Perceptual load VA value = W & divide; 0. 3. You if don't know what they can tell us how much load of equipment room W engineer, our engineer will according to your equipment list what is the total power of your device W, and don't know their own equipment is perceptual load or capacitive load can also consult our engineer.
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