Ups power supply price personnel about ups power supply start-up and shutdown of the operating methods and matters needing attention-KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-02
< p > KEBO ups power price personnel about KEBOups power boot and shutdown operation method and the matters needing attention < / p > < p > a, KEBOups boot: KEBOups power, please make sure the mains supply is normal, before starting KEBO storage battery switch in the closed state. Press on the front panel switch machine ( 3 - 5 seconds) After release, while KEBOUPS will have to respond, the fan to run behind the ups power supply, internal self-check boot. < / p > < p > KEBOups power shutdown: please make sure KEBOups power load equipment has been broken, lest KEBOups shutdown to impact power load equipment. The same press on the front panel switch machine ( 3 - 5 seconds) , then the power KEBOUPS shutdown the bypass operation. In turn close KEBO battery switch and mains input switch, KEBOUPS power in a fully closed position at this time. < / p > < p > < / p >
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