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by:KEBO      2020-04-03
< p > UPS power supply, UPS power supply common faults and the reasons for you < / p > < p > UPS power belongs to the electronic products, in use process more or less can appear some fault, long sums up UPS power failure reasons, found that most of UPS power supply failure is by the operating personnel do not understand how to operate, lead to equipment failure. < / p > < p > UPS power supply used for different types of sensitive electronic devices, such as computers, workstations, important facilities, communication system, control system and so on. Can prevent due to poor quality of mains or mains interruption to the system of a series of problems. Its internal in addition to the cooling fan in turn, other components are stationary, daily maintenance content is very little, only guarantee a clean environment and cooling. But in the process of daily use, often appear the phenomenon of UPS fault, carefully analysis the cause of the problem, has largely been caused by the maintainer of man-made factors, called man-made fault. < / p > < p > the man-made fault is due to wrong operation, operation and maintenance personnel for fault phenomena of misjudgment, and improper measures taken or failure caused by empirical assumptions, etc. < / p > < p > artificial fault can be roughly divided into knowledge of UPS power supply failure, operational failure, delay sexual failure, failure of maintainability, empirical failure, environment 6 classes. < / p > < p > so in the process of using and maintenance of UPS power supply, be sure to correct for UPS, so that we can make the UPS to achieve greater service life. < / p > < p > < / p >
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