Ups power supply can carry laser printers and inkjet printers -KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-01
< p> KEBO UPS power can take laser printers and ink jet printers? Laser printers within a fixing unit, there is a big power of electric heating wire. UPS with load, the size of the battery will soon run out. So the laser printer is not pick up on UPS. If you want to configure UPS power is there a way to 2 - that is based on the actual power To go with 3 times, this would increase the cost, we do not recommend commonly used UPS power supply < / p> < p> inkjet printer is different, its power consumption is small, pick up basic just as well. But in the biggest can prolong the service life of UPS, or try to extend its emergency power supply time, we should let those has nothing to do with the basic operations of computer peripherals in the UPS, such as printers, scanners, fashionable, router, speakers, etc. This is just some Suggestions, in personal family can be like this. If not be the same in the office building or production workshop. Any a device is broken electricity can affect the normal production and office. So all equipment is important to match UPS uninterruptible power supply system so that even if the broken electric power does not affect the normal production and office. < / p> < p> UPS uninterruptible power supply is to protect the server and the computing device is not affected by power line interference and power quality problems of the equipment. KEBOUPS power supply can not only play a role for power, but also can solve some common problems in the grid, such as the surge, frequency drift, undervoltage, etc. Regulated power supply is the main function of some impurities, clean waves to the equipment to provide clean power supply. < / p> < p> the power options: apply on-line or backup UPS power supply, must be in accordance with the microcomputer equipment is determined by demand and economic conditions. If economic conditions are relatively good, can use on-line UPS power supply. If economic conditions are relatively poor, in the normal operation of the computer not to be under the influence, can use a backup UPS power supply. < / p> < p> power is: according to the power capacity of the computer and external equipment, calculate the total power consumption equipment. Total power consumption and multiplied by the factor of safety, this is the estimate of UPS power supply power, usually the safety coefficient is 1. 2 to 1. 3 is better. < / p> < p> power supply time: choose long-term power supply power supply UPS power supply, UPS power and short time needs to consider the economic conditions and application requirements. Economic condition is good, can use the UPS power supply for a long time. Can also use short time UPS power supply with as backup power supply small generating set. < / p> < p> machine room monitoring: KEBOUPS power machine room monitoring system by the front-end equipment, client/server APP, PC screen three parts. The user can through the client APP/PC after landing the real-time check UPS equipment running status and the related parameters, can be in the mobile terminal end intuitive care system operation condition and related data. When abnormal, can be synchronized to receive the alarm information. < / p> < p> backup type: using backup UPS power supply, power supply switch time should pay attention to. Switching time of UPS power supply switch time and microcomputer to switch time demand. < / p> < p> power supply condition: pick UPS power supply, need to clearly state of power supply UPS power supply using places. Usually UPS power supply input voltage in 38 ov + / - 10%, to 220 v + 10%, the frequency is 50 + 0. 5Hz。 Is the place you use power supply is lower than the standard we have to use other UPS power supply with wider range of input, also can add, in the front of the UPS power supply regulated power supply or voltage regulating device. < / p> < p> UPS uninterruptible power supply system has the advantages of the high efficiency, high usability, intelligent, so that contribute to high efficiency and energy saving in secure room construction. < / p> < p> KEBOUPS the advantage of the power supply and there are many can effectively solve the 9 kinds of interference problems of electric power. < / p> < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p> < p> < / p>
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