UPS power source host secret - use and maintenance

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
1, UPS power supply, there are many high voltage energy storage device in the host, please do not open the case check without authorization. Operators must understand basic knowledge and master electrician operation instruction. 2, please do not do STH without authorization remove various connecting cable, should contact suppliers or after-sale technical service personnel to operate. 3, don't move, or tear open outfit, UPS power supply system may not be strong vibration, and keep well ventilated. 4, UPS power supply system connected with battery, even in the case of not connect ac mains, the output voltage may still exist, with this in mind. 5, when the UPS power supply system need to move or to wiring, must ensure that the UPS, shut down completely open disconnect mains input, battery input. Otherwise output may still have electricity, there is a risk of electric shock. 6, in order to ensure the personal safety of users, uninterruptible power supply products must have good grounding protection. 7, please keep into the unobstructed, vent. Inlet and vent ventilation can cause temperature rise within the UPS uninterruptible power supply system, shortening the service life of the machine components, thus affecting the whole life.
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