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by:KEBO      2020-04-19
UPS power supply for the user's computer IT applications environment to build a reliable running, simple and convenient management of electric power protection systems. UPS power supply for IT administrators provides a very simple solution to manage the computer room power supply system, and don't need to money, room space, the restriction of objective factors such as professional skills. The research is based on high quality, high reliability of UPS customer demand, in order to solve the modern small and medium-sized problems in the data room of the typical power supply for the purpose. At the same time, both to adapt to an increasingly sensitive investment callback rate, energy costs, such as remote intelligent management and efficiency requirements. KEBO in product design fully consider the various harsh environments and extreme, with safe and reliable as the first concept of product design. Characteristics and technical performance, high reliability, high performance: 1 double transform online technology, provide stable and reliable power supply output advanced DSP control technology, high-speed transmission and data collection and analysis capacity, output to ensure accurate and reliable function of N + 1 redundancy weaver, increase the reliability of power supply system 2, excellent technical indicators: the output power factor up to 0. 9, and the modern IT equipment to achieve the perfect matching system rectifier inverter efficiency is more than 94%, the highest can amount to 98%, Efficient mode) , effectively reduce the loss of their own UPS power input factor up to 0. 99 input current harmonic < 3% 3, high intelligent management KEBO global unified intelligent power monitoring and management system of IPP/IPM software running 4, low maintenance cost high efficiency of the system, improve the energy conversion rate, excellent input performance reduce power loss and reduce the impact on input power grid, reduce the input distribution and switch the capacity requirements of highly intelligent UPS, reduce the complexity of the daily maintenance 5, and other advantages of compact design, high power density, system area can save up to 35% of large screen LCD graphic display, provide more information UPS working parameters of global production process and quality control of a variety of communication options and industrial environment option 6, double conversion on-line technology provides stable, pure power protection: KEBO UPS power supply adopts double transformation technology, solve the under voltage, over voltage of the power grid, harmonic distortion, frequency conversion affect user load safe and reliable operation of power supply, to provide IT and industrial load with mains isolation of pure uninterruptible power supply output. 7, high efficiency and energy saving design: system with high conversion efficiency, make it become the most energy in the same level of UPS, at the same time still for the protection of equipment provides maximum power protection. Even working in high efficient mode, compared with other traditional ECO mode of UPS, more advanced 8, compact design, save floor space, compact design, effectively reduce the area of the machine, with the same level, compared to other products can reduce 35% biggest room usable floor area, for small and medium sized data room save valuable space, improve the utilization rate of the user computer room and maximize return on investment ( 国王)。 。 9, simple operation, easy maintenance: to facilitate IT administrators and computer room power system operation management for managers to UPS, UPS design standard on the big screen graphical LCD display, provide a UPS UPS managers working status and working parameters of simulation graphics display and data display. At the same time also provided the UPS working parameters necessary to set up the simple management interface. The standard built-in maintenance bypass makes even the UPS maintenance also does not need to shut off user load.
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