UPS power operation and matters needing attention-KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-03-30
< p > KEBO UPS power belongs to the precision model of the CPU control power, there are CPU control of UPS power grid in a state of basically can't turn it off! Have a CPU machine is no lock switch machine, operating boot need to press the switch after a few seconds to boot. No CPU machine has a lock switch, press the switch of the machine will start up at the same time. Besides KEBO backup machine, all KEBOUPS power supply, such as machine online, on-line interactive UPS are CPU control have a backup machine in CPU mains power off button again, the machine will generally better, but not to turn it off. < / p > < p > KEBO online machine ( Have the CPU) In the mains state by pressing the power button, the machine will be self-checking, namely the conversion between the mains and inverter, not the shedding won't shut down, only pull the mains can press the power button to turn it off. < / p > < p > no CPU machine, no matter under what circumstances will press the power button to shut down, this kind of machine is very rubbish in UPS power supply. < / p > < p > individual built-in CPU UPS power supply with automatic startup/bypass function, the automatic startup is refers to the machine off one entry point will automatically start up, the bypass function refers to the machine in shutdown or fault condition, insert the mains, output of the machine have the output socket, output voltage = input voltage. < / p > < p > good point and load factor function, such as 2000 va, full load is 1600 w, when the load of 1400 w, buzzer will hurry, prompt you burden. < / p > < p > KEBOXX and XXKEBO not really KEBO, real KEBO UPS is shenzhen KEBO electronic power supply, the rest of the XXKEBO are the control of law, KEBO fame to equip, although there are part of the machine is very good, but most of them are the main performance of a bargain. < / p > < p > KEBO power UPS of four works: run normally, battery, bypass and bypass operation maintenance work. < / p > < p > 1, the normal operation mode < / p > < p > shenzhen KEBOUPS power system power supply principle is when the mains is normal, the machine will be mains alternating current into direct current, and then to the battery, in case of power failure when using; Is important to emphasize uninterruptible power supply systems would work, is not of a power failure when the voltage is too low or too high, the instant surge, etc. , affect the normal operation of equipment, power quality, UPS system is in working status, providing stable and clean power for load equipment environment. < / p > < p > 2, bypass operation < / p > < p > when on-line KEBOUPS emergency power overload, bypass command ( Manual or automatic) , inverter overheat or machine fault, UPS power supply general inverter output to bypass the output, or directly by the mains power supply. Due to bypass the UPS output frequency phase with the mains frequency phase, so the phase-locked synchronization technology ensure KEBO UPS output power and grid synchronization. Bypass switch bidirectional thyristor parallel operation mode, can solve the problem of the bypass switch time, truly the zero time switch, control circuit is complex, generally used in high-power UPS power supply. Such as UPS overload, it must be artificially reduce the load, or bypass breaker will automatically cut off the output. < / p > < p > 3, battery works < / p > < p > once the mains when an exception occurs, shenzhen KEBOUPS will be stored in the storage battery dc into ac power supply, inverter input shifted to battery supply, inverter power continuously, supply load continue to use, to achieve continuous power supply function. UPS power supply system of power source is battery and battery capacity is limited, so don't like the city of the UPS power constant supply of electricity, so no matter how much capacity of the uninterrupted power supply system, in its full load condition, the power must be limited time to extend the time of discharge, must purchase and increase the battery capacity and battery to meet UPS power continue to power supply. < / p > < p > 4, bypass maintenance way < / p > < p > when repairs to UPS power supply, through the manual bypass to ensure normal power load equipment, after the maintenance operation is completed, restart the KEBOUPS power supply, UPS power supply at this time to normal operation. < / p > < p > < / p >
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