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by:KEBO      2020-04-20
Dynamic calculation, battery capacity can be calculated by the battery current points of time, reflect the capacity of the battery into or out, and sometimes need to get a general idea of the battery is good or bad, so the need for capacity is expected. The user can start capacity is expected to predict capacity. Capacity estimation of the basic method is: get a set of intact standard cell 0. 05 c10a after discharge voltage curve, the battery to zero. 05 c10a discharge current, every once in a while to compare the discharge terminal voltage and discharge capacity. For example, a standard cell 0. 05 c10a discharge to 12. Took 200 minutes for 5 v, and the test battery 0. 05 c10a discharge to 12. 5 v took only 150 minutes, then let stand capacity of rated capacity of the battery 150/200 * 100 = 75. Many cases need not know how long it will take a UPS battery can support after such as power outage, because if by this time only to find that the battery capacity is not too late. So UPS battery capacity can hope to be a forecast. UPS can boot or run time or online manual for the test of the battery. The line test after test especially brought important load is to take risks suggested battery only support a very short time, good is the power required to load Shared by mains and battery, this will prevent caused by battery capacity lack off guard UPS output interrupt problem.
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