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by:KEBO      2020-04-01
< p > KEBO UPS( Uninterruptible Power Supplies), KEBOUPS power price, namely KEBO uninterruptible power supply, is a kind of containing the energy storage device, inverter as the main component of the constant voltage constant frequency of uninterrupted power supply. Is mainly used to give a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic devices to provide uninterrupted power supply. KEBOUPS when normal mains input power will provide for the use of load after the mains voltage, at this time of KEBOUPS is an ac mains voltage regulator, it is also the battery inside the machine; When the mains interruption (Forced outage) KEBOUPS immediately when the built-in battery power, continue to supply to the load by the method of inverter switch 220 v alternating current (ac), make the load to maintain normal work and protect the software and hardware load from being damaged. < / p > < p > KEBOups power as the power of the protective equipment, its performance parameters is of great significance and should be taken into account is when the choose and buy our focus. Mains voltage input range wide, indicates to the use of mains ability ( Reduce the battery discharge) 。 Output voltage and frequency range is small, indicates to the mains adjustment ability is strong, stable output. Waveform distortion rate is to measure the stability of the output voltage waveform, and voltage stability is that when UPS suddenly up from zero load to full load, the output voltage stability. < / p > < p > there are KEBOups switch power efficiency, power factor, time and so on are all important data represent the performance of UPS, determines the protection of load capacity and utilization of grid. Performance is better, to protect the stronger the ability, in general, an off-line ups power supply protection for load, KEBOups power of online interactive slightly, on-line can solve almost all of the common power problems. Of course costs also rises as the performance enhancement. So the user when purchasing UPS should be according to the requirement of the load of power degree and the load is different, the importance of buying of different types of UPS. < / p > < p > in the telecommunications, finance and other operation compared with early appeared during steadily add buy planning, is marked by professional organizations to make the query, because the two assignments of hardware investment proportion will be reduced gradually, and the two assignments of UPS power retention rate is higher, so the KEBOups power demand is unlikely to be big to add, measure the future market proportion will gradually decline. Instead, some previous market proportion is not big operation such as manufacturing, transportation, power industry, such as the demand for KEBOups power out quick add momentum, particularly in manufacturing, small and medium-sized enterprises of planning, more be driven KEBOups add new source of power supply store. < / p > < p > for the map of China, climate changeable, this gave KEBOups power protection work has added a lot of uncertainty, roughly according to the climate is monotonous and relatively humid climate to tell us something about how to protect our KEBOups power supply. < / p > < p > KEBOups power under the condition of normal use, KEBOups power unable to clean the dust protection, all needs to be punctual dust removal. Especially the local climate is very dry, there will be many ash particles in the air, KEBOups power electric fan will dust into the ups internal accumulation, when meet humid air will lead to a host control disorders constitute a host work disorder, ups will call the police, many cooling owe good dust will constitute a device. Usually once every quarter should be thoroughly clean. Second is in the dust, check the connection and splice pieces have loose contact and not firm. < / p > < p > humid climate zone, because the air humidity is big, brief constitute charged particles in the air. The checking it is critical that a month. In order to avoid the battery connection wire connector is not reliable, the phenomenon such as flint. < / p > < p > overrun condition for a long time may damage the device and shorten IT equipment become old, yea, KEBOUPS power prices. Sharing power often power surge, voltage sag, electrical noise, harmonic, load is not firmly and other trouble. Choose standard common power supply business customers meet these abnormal power supply question every day, every year will have 4 to 15 times the situation of the power supply completely in succession. Even short time power, can also cause the outage homework in a few hours. < / p > < p > KEBOups will piton by scheduling input power supply voltage sag and jump, and battery backup power supply to avoid the voltage sag and power supply have thoroughly, to prevent the occurrence of the above questions. < / p > < p > < / p >
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