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by:KEBO      2020-04-20
Buy UPS is in order to protect the network server, UPS power supply products on the market, there are many, the quality are different. When buy, should understand the erroneous zone. UPS power supply, which need to pay attention to in use error? Small make up in this paper is to show just a little. Charging error of UPS power supply's initial charging does not perform the initial charging UPS power is called the initial charge, the initial charge for the service life of UPS power supply and charging capacity has very big effect. If the lack of charging, the power supply capacity is not high, service life is short; If charging excessive, UPS power supply electrical function is good, but will shorten its service life. About the general UPS uninterruptible power supply, must first charge before use according to the charging standard. About dry charge power supply lead, according to the instructions, although in conventional storage during the two years you need to use the conventional electrolyte density for 15 minutes, but it can be put into operation in the case of not charging. However, if the shelf life for more than two years, because there are some oxidation on a board, in order to improve its charging capacity, should compensate before use, and then charging 5 h - 8 h before use. Some drivers often ignore low not to 'make up for the electricity of in-use vehicle UPS power' for electricity. Because he does not fully, UPS power supply charging in the car is easy to form the plate; Together, in the use of charge and discharge the battery is not balanced, if is greater than the recharge and discharge make UPS power for a long time in kui state, UPS power plate will gradually sulfide. The slow cure, can make the UPS power charge capacity falling, until the starting weakness, greatly shorten the using life of UPS power supply. To make UPS power plate on the active substances are restored in time, cut the plate, progress UPS power charge capacity, extending its using life, to 'make up for in-use vehicle UPS power supply should be regular electricity. Low power charging UPS UPS power often over charge, even if the charging current is not big, but for a long time & other electrolyte; Exult & throughout; The appearance of fine particles, in addition to the active material is easy to fall, still can make fence far oxidation, forming active substances and fence lax. UPS used should avoid misunderstanding manner in use process to avoid the battery charged by excessive UPS power supply. Because of excessive charge easily cause inside the battery positive and negative plate bending and makes the plate surface active substance from falling out. The consequences when the light falling battery capacity available, serious damage to the battery, resulting in power outages after the power supply time not cause unnecessary losses. 2. Try to avoid UPS power internal short circuit discharge or excessive battery discharge. Excessive discharge can cause internal battery plate on the surface of the sulfuric acid salinization, as a result, lead to battery internal resistance increased. Seriously, even will make the individual battery produces & throughout; The pole & throughout; Phenomenon and the permanent damage of the battery. 3. Must keep within the UPS power battery unused for a long time or make the battery in a floating state for a long time and no discharge. Because it is likely to cause UPS power within the battery internal resistance increase caused by more than its storage life or permanent damage. _____ the UPS power supply in the course of everyday use, the battery needs to be once every three months to discharge, and should pay attention to the environment and the temperature of the battery, the battery in less dust, avoid direct sunlight, keep dry, the temperature in 21 ℃ ~ 27 ℃ is ideal operating environment, the best temperature at 25 ℃. ⒌ UPS to lightning protection, when buying a UPS, some users must first ask & rsquo; The UPS is a few levels of lightning protection & rsquo; 。 This shows that users tend to have a misunderstanding & ndash; — UPS has lightning protection function. But in fact the three levels of lightning surge current can be up to 8000 amperes, is any type UPS cannot afford. Three levels of lightning protection must be in the front of UPS input power distribution ark. 6. UPS does not need to load test, computer room in the construction of electrical equipment testing and computer room is very important one link, absolutely can't ignore. First of all, UPS equipment must load testing machine, otherwise a lot of problems cannot be found. Above is the UPS power supply charging error, UPS used should avoid misunderstanding. UPS in use, should clear related problems. UPS power supply is affected by environmental factors such as, need not regular maintenance, to avoid malfunction cannot be used.
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