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by:KEBO      2020-04-20
Proper use of UPS power supply, not only can reduce the probability of the failure of UPS, and can effectively prolong the service life. 1. When using the UPS power supply, should strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the manufacturer of the product manuals, to ensure that the mains UPS receive wire, zero sequence meets the requirements. 3. Equipped with a UPS main purpose is to prevent the loss due to sudden power failure caused by computer hard disk information and destruction, but some of the equipment at work is not afraid of sudden power failure, such as a printer. In order to save the energy of UPS, the printer can consider directly without going through UPS is connected to the mains. If it is a network system, can consider UPS power supply to the host (only Or server) And related parts. Which can ensure the UPS can use one of the most important equipment, and can save investment. 4. You should not use super load UPS. Largest of UPS power supply capacity should be 80% of the standard load Such as 1000 w of UPS, at 80% load rate is 800 w to match the load; 1000 va UPS at 80% conversion into again after 800 w at 80% load rate to match the load which is 640 w) 。 If use, overload in the condition of inverter, often cause breakdown of inverter triode. In addition, when using UPS, it is forbidden to inductive load such as fluorescent lamp, and only by pure electric or small capacitive loads. 5. Switch machine should pay attention to the order of the switch machine: open a UPS first, when the phone is switched on later ( It is best to lag 1 - UPS for 2 minutes, fully into the work state) Then open load of the power switch, and the power of the load switch is going to open one by one. Shutdown order just the opposite, one by one, first turn off the power switch of the load, then turn off the UPS. UPS to was on for a long time, while the load, such as computers, each time to relief boot, as long as you turn off the computer after using it, the load of the power switch. 6. UPS power within the cells of the possible and run out for some reason or close to run out. To compensate for the battery energy and improve the battery life, UPS to be timely, continuous charging a long time, many in 48 hours, best to avoid the fault due to battery failure. New purchase or stored for a long time of UPS, before use, should be charging 12 hours. Long-term storage of UPS, every three months, charging 12 hours, if the high temperature region, charge once every 2 months. UPS don't charge you use, will damage the battery. 2. Don't frequent closed and open the UPS power supply. General requirements after the close UPS power supply, to wait for at least 6 seconds before and open UPS power supply, otherwise, UPS power supply may be in & other; Boot failure & throughout; State, that is, UPS power supply in neither mains output nor inverter output is not normal.
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