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by:KEBO      2020-04-19
Integration server rack is a blend of UPS power supply, power distribution equipment, refrigerator, entrance guard system, cabinets, lighting, fire safety, ring monitoring, emergency natural ventilation and so on several system software, according to the video monitoring system to keep all subsystem of urban and rural medical insurance management methods, develop into the integration of goods, simple design, purchase, and basic construction steps. Single cabinet server rack according to the application address can be divided into indoor integrate outdoor cabinet and cabinet. Integration of outdoor cabinet key used in outdoor natural environment, such as road side, ecological park, on the roof, poor areas, the ground installation cabinet, single machine rack can be installed base station equipment, switching power supply, battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and facilities, equipment or is about to embed installation of interior space and equipment in thermal conductivity, all normal operation for internal equipment to produce of mechanical equipment and the ecological environment protection cabinets. Integration within the cabinet room to put IT bluntly to indoor air of cabinets, room cabinet commonly used to pack IT equipment as ark of wood. Single server rack cabinet is the cabinet room in the IT industry prospects and fashion trends, design, production of a new generation of appropriate infrastructure requirements change IT equipment physics. IT using the fusion development trend under the background, combined with computer software technical fashion new release rate of each system of technology innovation overall room big small and medium-sized commodities. According to the computer room of the design of product innovation and within the server rack is a blend of power distribution equipment, lighting, UPS, battery, central air conditioning, entrance guard system, PDU, environmental monitoring, fire safety, cable management method of natural ventilation program module. For the network server IT key equipment such as building a software environment by the spectrum. And can request according to the customer business process extensions, keep the ductility of the system software deployed high availability of switch power supply, UPS power distribution equipment, system software for IT equipment service continuously. Ding to develop more sales price system architecture diagram, considering the requirements of different customers. Equipped with packaged chiller air conditioning, to ensure that IT equipment operation is effective at a steady temperature humidity in the natural environment, central air conditioning to choose integration, need not install air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners, water automatic evaporation inside the cabinet, is equipped with an emergency drainage effect, security system can be trusted. Life long refrigeration compressor and EC centrifugal fan, security system stable operation for a long time. Choose sealed design, both inside and outside two respiratory system, can use in all sorts of extreme in indoor air, don't have to create room independently. Emergency exhaust system, when the air conditioning common failures can't operation, the risk control pattern in the cabinet before the top urgent line to carry out to discharge the wind, the single top cabinet after the emergency ventilation system control module to carry out the discharge warm wind dynamic natural environment system software real-time monitoring system of the equipment operation wish, abnormal immediately, discharged safe hidden trouble. Help locate precisely common point of failure, reduce event processing time.
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