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by:KEBO      2020-03-27
< p > a, true and false KEBOUPS brand confusion < / p > < p > UPS power KEBO said originally in the small and medium-sized power market as a well-known brand with people have left a good impression, I also that, its characteristic is stable and reliable and the price is low, the dosage is in the financial system. Once upon a time the quality of this UPS become one day less one day, what is the reason? Turned out to be false KEBO in insurrection! Everywhere, which are true and which is false? It's hard to tell! One thing is certain: false KEBO quality must be bad! But how to distinguish? Temporarily can't find a good way, even some bidding system put a false KEBO name written in the book of tender! In order to avoid we buy the fake brand KEBOUPS, reliable method is not selected KEBO, see 'KEBO' brand shall PASS in the past, although doing so for true KEBO seem unfair, but this is no way to solution. < / p > < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p > < p > 2, to distinguish the false KEBO must understand true KEBO < / p > < p > have dozens or even hundreds of fake KEBO, it was hard to understand them one by one, and it didn't also the necessary for our users. But true KEBO, after all, there is only one, as long as the understanding of the features of the true KEBO, so do not accord with the characteristics of KEBO said all is false in general. < / p > < p > with STK and SANTAK registration. Is not the flag brands are not true KEBO. Of course is false. After the selection has the discrimination method. 3, < / p > < p > KEBO product quality < / p > < p > small make up ups power supply manufacturer analysis really KEBO down to the quality of the product? Automatic production line, automatic production line two rows of panasonic component inserter in the busy, a hundreds of components of the PC board can be completed within one minute, PC board and steam and beautiful, with 'lead-free production line' and 'green line' mark on the production line of the workers are busy and in good order. Like this line of products do not review the consistency or reliability is feasible, the quality of the product was not done out of false KEBO manual mill. Therefore, based on our many years of experience in dealing with electronic products, craft products and by the automatic production line of products, from the intuitive last. < / p > < p > it seems that KEBO not only didn't reduce the quality of product, and more normalization, quality improvement. They also carries on the global prominent task of UPS do OEM and ODM. If there is no excellent product quality and credibility is more what about OEM and ODM. < / p > < p > < / p >
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