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by:KEBO      2020-04-29
In the use of UPS power supply even when the size of the computational load, to avoid the load is too big or too small, excessive load can make the work for a long time in overload condition so as to shorten the service life; If the load is too small, working circuit work in abnormal state for a long time, also has certain harm. The reasonable load should be controlled between 50% and 80%. Practice has proved that the output load control is better at around 60%, good reliability. Fault when overload or inverter to bypass mode, at this time do not have backup function, power supply is used in the load through the direct supply of electric power system. From the basic application principle, is a kind of power protection device, includes an energy storage device, inverter as the main parts and adjust the frequency output. Mainly by the rectifier, batteries, inverter, and a static switch. 1. Is: rectifier rectifier rectifier device, it is just a kind of alternating current ( AC) Converted to direct current ( DC) The device. It has two main functions: one, alternating current (ac) ( AC) Converted to direct current ( DC) For power supply, load, filtering or provide inverter; Second, to provide battery charging voltage. Therefore, it also ACTS as a charger, 2. Battery: the battery is used as the storage of equipment of electric power. It consists of several series of battery, the capacity is determined by the sustain discharge ( The power supply) The time required. Its main function is: 1 when the mains is normal, electrical energy into chemical energy and stored in the battery. 2 when the main power failure occurs, chemical energy into electricity and supply inverter or load; 3. Inverter: generally speaking, the inverter is to direct current ( DC) Convert alternating current (ac) ( AC) The equipment. It is composed of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit; 4. Static switch: static switch is also called the static switch, it is a kind of non-contact switch, it is made up of two thyristor ( 可控硅) Composed of the parallel ac switch, the closing and opening controlled by logic controller. Divided into two types, transformation and parallel. Conversion switch is mainly used for two-way power supply system, its function is to achieve a way from the switch to another way; And type switch is mainly used for parallel inverter and the main power supply or more inverters.
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