There are several kinds of typical architecture of modular UPS? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
1, distributed architecture distributed early modular UPS often use a kind of architecture. Such modular UPS system level equivalent to the number of independent UPS directly in parallel, the power module using small UPS and become, can work independence, its features are: (1) in addition to the rectifier and inverter control, and logic flow switch is controlled by the internal control unit; (2) built-in capacity and power module capacity consistent static bypass, in bypass mode, the static bypass Shared by each module load. 2 + centralized, distributed and centralized architecture + distribution structure of modular UPS equipment all the power module built-in control unit for this module of rectifier and inverter control, and the flow of the whole system and logic switching function from a module are extracted from the internal control unit, is controlled by a centralized control module. In order to eliminate the possible introduction of a single point of failure, the control module and the corresponding communication bus for 1 + 1 redundancy. When a control unit fails, the UPS power module in the system can be controlled by another in a hot standby state seamless control of system control unit security system uninterrupted operation. At the same time, the power module is no longer the built-in static bypass, a static bypass system configuration module, its capacity is the system capacity. Decentralized control compared with the centralized distribution + control logic of distributed architecture modular distributed control using logical model, system each module contains a complete independent control unit, the system of master control module through a certain logic rules to all modules are selected from the system from the rest of the module as a control module to master scheduling module. When the UPS system in a control module failure from the rest of the module is still work, when the master control module failure by certain competition rules to make another module as the main control module, security systems continue to work normally. The advantages of the decentralized control logic model is that each control unit can be completed on the system of independent control work, so there is no single point of failure on this point. But the shortcomings are obvious, first, because the master module as well as signal processing itself, and to coordinate the module between signal, so the control logic is more complex, logic software reliability is not high. Second after the master control module failure, can produce a competition in the remaining modules modules as the main control module, the competition is likely to happen in the process of failure cause system failure. Distribution + centralized architecture of rectifier and inverter control in the power module is distributed, and both flow logic control is centralized control mode, such as the independent centralized control module is used to detect mains frequency and phase, and then to the synchronous signal from each module, each power module after receive the synchronization signal through its own control loop output corresponding frequency phase of a sine wave. When grid loss, centralized control module can produce synchronous signal is sent to the UPS self-excited module to guarantee the output of the same frequency and phase of each unit. Forms for realizing the control of the flow at the same time, the centralized architecture of modular UPS rely on control module to detect the load current of the whole system, and then divided by the number of system module for each UPS module flow reference, and then after comparison with the module output current and the deviation value to adjust the output current of each module, to ensure the modules in the system good mobility. Distribution + the advantages of centralized control logic model is adopted independent flow and logic control unit, are better fluidity, and the control logic level is clear, there is no competition relationship between the power module, high reliability software logic. In order to guarantee the reliability of the central control unit, to avoid a single point of failure, the general UPS control unit adopts the architecture and the communications lines will do 1 + 1 backup. 1 + 1 hot backup is the most commonly used way of backup, the long running in all kinds of system reliability has been verified in practice.
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