There are several kinds of machine room monitoring alarm model? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
1. Screen display alarm this is the most basic method, but also often is the most detailed model alarm message. Through the marked design is displayed on the monitor screen and text to inform the user. Alarm text is the key of information, generally require at least explicitly pointed out several key parameters of every call: alarm time, alarm equipment, fault content, priority and emergency solutions, etc. The emergency solution is a necessary function, because the room types of auxiliary equipment, the most basic emergency solution is a professional response as soon as possible and processing, distribution, UPS power supply, air conditioning, because the police involve fire a few systems, such as site personnel on duty and can't master for each device, so to be able to give emergency treatment method in the first place is very necessary, or even a fault equipment manufacturer maintenance telephone number can solve big problems. Alarm screen downside is that if no one is monitoring your computer or no one pay attention to, the alarm may be delayed. This pattern of alarm inform surface is small, cannot be transmitted to the personnel in a timely manner. If this alarm mode combined with the network transmission, will significantly improve efficiency. 2. Local voice alarm when the alarm occurs, the automatic monitoring system of broadcast through the speaker voice alarm, the alarm message is passed to the personnel at the scene. The message than the screen display alarm wide range, but also limited to a room. Its advantage is very humanization, the disadvantage is that surface is still not widespread, spread and are not a person. 3. Telephone dial-up alarm when the alarm occurs, the automatic monitoring system through the network, dial system preset number, each other after answering, automatic alarm voice, pass alarm message to related people by telephone. The advantages of this model is able to achieve personal report. If combined with management responsibility, can have better effect. UPS and power supply system such as management of personnel is A, management of air conditioning system is B, and A few others C, D, E and help with auxiliary management. After when UPS fault takes place, the system directly dial A phone, reduce the intermediate links. But to realize the function, monitoring and control system must have the following ability, otherwise the effect will be discounted. ( 1) Have line whether unobstructed judgment ability. When dial telephone number is busy, the system automatically stop dial this number. ( 2) If has the listeners answer judgment ability. When the listeners answering system began to broadcast voice alarm. ( 3) Have confirm the mechanism. When the listeners answer, need to press buttons on a predefined validation operation, shows that he has clearly know the contents of this report to the police. ( 4) Has the function of continuous redial. When A system call A mobile phone, for example, if the line is busy or not in service area, automatically in accordance with the order of the system within the preset ( Assumption is A→ B→ C→ D→ E) Call the B. If B answer but there is no confirmation, and then automatically call the C, until someone confirmed. Process, from the above telephone alarm telephone dial-up inform alarm message to convey to the designated personnel in advance, is not a smooth process, therefore, confirm the mechanism is the most important. The monitoring system of sales on the market at present does not have perfect telephone alarm means. Telephone alarm can be realized through two devices: voice Modem and telephone voice card. 4. Mobile phone short message alarm with the rapid development of telecommunication industry and the short message, sent via SMS alarm message has become an effective means. Its advantage is that can notice a lot of people, notification area wide. But this way is still a lack of effective confirmation mechanism, still unable to determine whether notice to the designated person truly, but the sending side wide advantages can make up for the lack of appropriate. 5. E- Mail alarm through the network, and the alarm information in the form of an email sent to the individual. But the pattern of timeliness is bad, difficult to ensure that relevant personnel news at the first time.
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