The working principle of UPS uninterruptible power supply -

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
One, backup UPS uninterruptible power supply when mains is normal, all the way through the rectifier to the battery charging, electric, and the other all the way through the automatic voltage regulator electric, initial voltage absorb part of the grid after disturbance, and then provided by the bypass switch directly to the user. At this point, the battery in charging status, the battery is full and into a floating state. Grid when the grid voltage or frequency is beyond the scope of UPS input, namely under the condition of the abnormal, alternating current (ac) input is cut off, the charger to stop working, the battery to discharge, start work under control in the control circuit of the inverter, the inverter produces 220 v, 50 hz alternating current, the UPS power supply system is converted to an inverter battery continues to supply power to the load. Features: simple structure, cheap, low noise, but most of the time, the load is to get a little voltage stabilizing treatment & other; Low quality & throughout; Sine wave power supply. Conversion time is long, backup UPS uninterruptible power supply, inverter is not often work, so don't grasp the dynamic situation of inverter, easy to form the contact failure. Suitable for less important single PC. Second, the on-line UPS uninterruptible power supply operation mode for & other; Grid and electricity equipment is isolated, the utility will not direct power supply for electrical equipment & throughout; , but the UPS has been converted into direct current, again mulling two ways, one is the alternating current (ac), power supply for electrical equipment, unstable quality of mains supply or power failure, the battery from charging to power supply, know the utility return back to normal before charging, & other; UPS is the whole intervention in the whole process of electricity & throughout; 。 Its advantage is as sine wave output wave pattern and the utility, and pure, no noise, not affected by the influence of the grid is not stable, but power & other Inductance type load & throughout; , as long as the UPS output power under the premise of enough, can use mains supply any equipment. UPS uninterruptible power supply has been the inverter is in working status, through the external alternating current into direct current circuit, again through the high quality of high quality sine wave inverter converts dc to ac output to a computer. On-line UPS in a power supply condition are the main functions of voltage stability and prevent interference waves; Use the standby dc power during blackout to inverter power supply. Because of the inverters have been working in a matter of time, so there is no o have strict requirements of occasions suitable for power supply, on-line UPS power reserve is different from the type of a big advantage is that the power supply for long, generally for a few hours, there are also big to over ten hours. Features: with more than 20 hz PWM technology, it has excellent output voltage transient characteristics, noise is small, about 50 db; Sine wave output waveform distortion coefficient of the youngest, generally less than 3%, the conversion time is zero. Three, on-line interactive UPS uninterruptible power supply when the mains is normal, on-line interactive UPS uninterruptible power supply load is improved the mains, when the mains failure, load completely by the battery's ability to supply the inverter power supply after transformation. There is a two-way in on-line interactive UPS power supply, either when the inverter is used, and can be used as a charger. On-line interactive UPS uninterruptible power supply is based on the input mains by elevator or inverter to adjust the output voltage. Features: online interactive UPS uninterruptible power supply compared with on-line UPS uninterruptible power supply, because there is no after two transform its power loss significantly lower than the on-line UPS uninterruptible power supply, and high efficiency, to more than 95%, when the mains power supply overload capacity can reach 200%, has a wide range of input power, low noise, small volume, etc. USES the silicon-controlled rectifier, can produce strong harmonic current to the mains, but online interactive UPS in linear load will not produce pollution to grid.
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