The UPS power supply of the telecom room maintenance method

by:KEBO      2020-04-25
A moment, in order to avoid load at startup damages to the UPS, the impact of current when use should be first to UPS power supply, make its in bypass working state, and then open each load, thus avoiding the load current impact to UPS, to extend the service life of UPS. Shutdown sequence can be seen as boot order of the inverse process, first of all, shutting down load, then UPS will be shut down. 2, when using the UPS power supply, should be sure to comply with the relevant provisions of the specifications of products and/or user manual, ensure that the line of fire, zero, ground wire is accomplished according to the instruction or manual, must not arbitrarily change the order of each other, so as to avoid accidents. Third, should according to the correct boot, shutdown sequence. Avoid sudden load because of the load or suddenly lightening, UPS power supply output voltage fluctuation is large, and make the UPS power supply cannot work normally. Four, must not frequently closed and open the UPS power supply. Usually after turning off the UPS power supply, wait at least 6 seconds before they can open the UPS power supply, otherwise, UPS power supply could enter & other; Boot failure & throughout; State, namely the UPS power into neither mains output, nor the state of the inverter output.
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