The Top 3 Best Z77 Motherboard

by:KEBO      2019-12-04
So, you\'re looking for the best Z77 motherboard, right?OK, this is the best 3 Z77 boards you can get.How do I choose each of them?I design it based on its personal performance, features and the prices it offers, which bring you the most value.
1.ASUS P8Z77-
The ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe is Asus\'s top board with the ability to make it stand out.This is the case if you enter the enthusiast level of the motherboard.This motherboard provides a new ultimate performance for your game fun.

Dual smart processors are the world\'s first processors made up of two physical chips, EPU and TPU, which provide maximum power efficiency for optimal performance.In addition to this, there are intelligent DIGI power controllers for precise tuning of CPU, GPU and DRAM.
Fast USB 3.0 and its UASP (SCSI protocol for USB connection ).The main features of the motherboard are Wi-Fi Go!It is able to create its own home theater PC and connect to any gadget such as a smartphone that does not require an extra router.
Some of Asus\'s unique features are the flash back of the usb bios for immediate recovery settings and the SSD cache for increasing data access time.More features to keep the system cool, such as the fan Xpert2, which includes automatic tuning mode and RPM fixed mode.
This is a quick charger that lets you work on your PC and even charge your iPhone or Ipod in sleep mode.Of course, the one who finished the defeat was the well-The known uefi bios is the easiest way to set up the BIOS.

The ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe looks great in traditional blue and black themes.The Z77 chipset can withstand heat even in harsh conditions.It supports 32 gb of RAM in a beautifully colored coded array.
For your convenience, there is an on-board switch that is very useful when testing the motherboard, including MemOK!, TPU for precise voltage tuning when performing OC, CMOS clear button and reset switch.You have 8 SATA ports, 4 of which are 6 Gb/s and 4 are 3 Gb/s.
There are three PCIe 3.0 ports on-X16 blue board, x8 white board, x4 black board.There are four blue PCIe 1x between PCIe 16x slots.
There is a bunch of ports on the I/O panel at the back to make sure you have nothing to miss.There are ten USB ports in total, four of which are in 2.0 and six in 3.0 speed.Two RJ45 Gigabit LAN, a pair of eSATA ports, HDMI ports, Display ports, six audio ports, and USB flashback buttons.It also includes Wi-Fi GO!Antenna on the package.

The motherboard comes with a simple OC for instant overclocking, which is located on the BIOS and will result in 4 overclocking.2238 GHz after reboot with Core i7-3770 K processorPush it further through the manual OC, it can reach the maximum speed of 4.8 GHz, the base clock is kept at 100 MHz, pushing the multiplier up to x48 while increasing the voltage at 1.35v.The system runs completely stably in the case of an additional 1.Top 3 of 3 GHz.The default speed of 5 GHz is 3770 K.

If you want to overclock to prevent damage to the processor, it is recommended to use an oversized CPU cooler.

The ASUS P8Z77-
It is a solid motherboard with excellent overclocking capability and complete stability.The design with additional voltage power phase provides more space for OC.The instant OC feature on the BIOS provides the safest overclocking level, and even novices will appreciate it.Given its performance and functionality, you get everything here, and the price it offers is a bit high, however, it does bring decent value at the table.

If durability is your main concern, then Asus Sabertooth z77 is no harder than that.The Sabertooth series boards are designed for ultimate toughness and therefore come from the word \"ultimate power.The board has state-of-the-art cooling features and remains tough under any harsh conditions.
What makes this board hard?
The Asus Sabertooth Z77 is made of the best components through the absolute toughness military standard, such as solid caps that can handle more than 25% capacity, alloy choke and mosfet compared to other ordinary electronic parts
In addition to this, the hot vest on the top of the board is quite obvious.It is a dust cover and cooler that works with the fan to maximize its coolness.It also includes a thermal radar that continuously monitors the heat of the entire circuit board.

Some common features of this motherboard can also be seen on the deluxe version, such as fast USB, usb bios Flashback, SSD cache, uefi ez bios, smart charger.Including-Static chips make them different from other chips, which keeps the entire assembly safe from unnecessary electrostatic discharge.

Sabertooth Z77 looks great with its traditional combination of brown and black;Armor vests covering almost the entire board contribute a lot to their overall appearance.The color of the four DIMM slots is well coded in brown and gray to facilitate the identification of its memory pairing, which supports up to 32 gb of size.
There are three in-board PCIe 3.0 graphic ports in gray, brown and black with a single x16, dual x8/x8 or triple x8/x4 graphic combination.Between these ports are two PCIe x1 slots in Brown.The motherboard provides you with a large number of SATA ports, and it offers four SATA 6 MB/s and four SATA 3 Mb/s in order to add more drives when you plan on adding future extensions
Looking back at the I/O panel, you have four USB 2.0 and 4 Super Speed USB 3.Port blue 0.There are two eSATA ports available, one RJ45 LAN, HDMI, Display Port, six audio ports and BIOS Flashback button.

If you do not want to perform these complex OC, you can easily select performance mode on your BIOS settings for painless overclocking.It will lead to 4.System stability with core i7-2 GHz frequencyThe Ivy Bridge processor is 3770 K.
If you want to push hard, you can reach the maximum speed of 5 GHz.Set the multiplier to x50 by setting the default frequency of the reference clock to 100 MHz, while setting the voltage to 1.You will arrive at 425 v at 5 GHz (100 MHz x 50.This makes it possible for the board to reach a certain level due to its higher power phase voltage and the ability of the board cooling assembly.

Asus Sabertooth Z77 showed a huge overclocking capability and achieved a huge gain of 1.5 GHz, thus reaching a certain height under the 5 GHz mark.The motherboard is equipped with an instant OC for novice users so that anyone can benefit from it.For some enthusiasts, however, it offers a lot of features and connectivity, a bit short.
Overall, the board has a good look, excellent overclocking capability, good functionality and excellent performance.Sabertooth Z77 is currently priced at $240 and is reasonably priced and valuable.

ASRock Extreme4 is the best-selling Z77 motherboard ever.If you are eager to get look, performance, features, durability and overclocking at a very affordable price, you will never go wrong.

ASRock Z77 Extreme is equipped with features that provide absolute performance.The 8 4 Digi power supply design further drives the unlocking of Ivy Bridge processors.The board supports Intel\'s smart response technology or SSD caching for fast data transfer.
The most extreme tuning function isin-Software that controls overall hardware such as overclocking, fan speed, oc dna, smart solar savings, and theXFast RAM.More features coming soon like instant flash, instant boot, SmartView, app charger, Xfast USB, XFast LAN, crash-free BIOS and crash-free BIOSK technology allows you to overclock ordinary non-K processors.

In the case of a capacitor on board, the board looks great, all black in color, with a gold trim.Its voltage regulator and Z77 chipset have huge radiators that can withstand any heat even under pressure conditions.The four DIMM slots are well coupled to correctly identify their pairing with a maximum capacity of 32 gb.The CPU slot allows more space for the oversized cooler.
It offers eight SATA ports, four of which have speeds of 6 Gb/s and four ports of 3 Gb/s, accommodating all drives.You have two PCIe 3.For dual GPU configurations that support cross-firex and NVidia, x16 is used for single or x8/x8.In addition to that, there are two PCIe 1x and two traditional PCI slots.
On the back I/O port, you have keyboard/mouse combo ports, six USB ports, eSATA, LAN, and five audio ports.The board contains CMOS clear buttons that provide more video ports such as HDMI, DVI, and VGA.

While the ASRock Z77 does not offer instant OC functionality, you can simply increase the multiplier to the speed you want while keeping the base clock at 100 MHz on this boardMaximum achievable frequency using Core i7-3770K is 4.8 GHz (100 MHz x 48) with full stability ).By slightly adjusting the voltage of 1 point.38 v you will arrive at the Speed described above.

Simply looking at the look of the motherboard, you can almost say that ASRock Z77 Extreme4 is a solid performer and it has been proven even though its functionality is a bit short.However, if you think you are of no use to the lack of features, you will not go wrong.
The motherboard is cheap and is the most valuable Z77 motherboard you can have.If you want to get the best deal with great performance, it\'s definitely a way.

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